16yrs Old Researcher to get World Business summit Award 2020 in the field of Research.

Every year Global Triumph Foundation host World Business summit to honor most eminent persons from the various industry like Education, Arts, Architecture, Science & Technology, Health care, Etc. Being an international business summit it attracts nominations from various people across the world, The person with the most eminent records will be awarded in their respective filed after the decision from review the committee.

This year due to the covid-19 pandemic the summit is held virtually, In which 16yrs old young certified researcher Miss. Mathunila Vissagan ( Co-scientist of Dr. Hcr-Director of N&H Research Park ) is being jointly awarded Dr Hcr as Youngest Achiever award-2020 in field of Health care for their contribution in research paper against the Covid-19 Infection, This protocol is published in IJRASET journal in Volume 8 Issue IV Apr 2020″ under a title ” Summarized Facts, Management and Protocol for COVID-19″

She has started her carrier of research and development as work assistant in IYRF Student wing of Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar team. Later on in yearly days of 2019 Mathunila Vissagan has came up with a project for Plastic Ban in India, which is published under a title of Alternative approach to banned plastics ( Nila -Electro Plastic-insulation Method) Which has been a turning point in MV’s life by making her to secure ” JUNIOR SCIENTIST AWARD-2019 ” from IYRF after which she has done various contributions to field of Research like Co-Author to world record making book – “Book published in least time – “Secrets of Society” , etc. She also holds the recognisation of world youngest women researcher to hold two international journals and One book publication by ORCID data’s.

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