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$5.5 billion British fintech startup might have 200 jobs to offer Indians

Around $5.5 billion fintech startup Revolut is looking forward to entering into the Indian market in this current year. Being the Britain-based banking app marks its debut in the country and it might be offering around 200 jobs.

Nikolay Storonsky informed the new reporters in an exclusive interview, “I am amazed at the quality of talent in India, we’re actually hiring around 200 people in India at the moment.”

Instead of announcing its plans for expanding into new markets in amid of pandemic, Storonsky is confident that Revolut will soon step into India’s competitive environment. As per him, the startups provide unique services which are not available on any other platform like commission-free stock trading and international money transfer without any charges.

Well, Revolut is not only targeting the Indian market only. Since 2019, the company has announced that it will be expanding its business into 24 new markets and will be hiring around 3,500 people. This will be bringing a headcount from 1,500 to almost 5,000.

Revolut’s employment practices into question in the past

A growing fintech startup has been praised as ‘the place to be’ for freshers looking to hone their skills and achieve extensive experience. On the other hand, working in the startup world is not deprived of its uncertainties.

In 2019, an investigation by Wired revealed that everyone might not be well within Revolut’s work culture. However, the reporter suspected that there was a sign of unpaid work, high staff turnover, and employees were forced to work on weekends in order to meet the target.

Notably, during the Covid-19 pandemic, things turned from bad to worse. Over 50 people within Revolut’s staff mentioned that they had been told to either quit their jobs voluntarily or fired in Portugal and Poland, as per the report by Wired.

Notably, the report suggested that the high-pressure environment might be everyone’s cup of tea. On the other hand, there are certain types of employees who thrive in such an environment.

The employees informed Shifted that the people who can cut it or worked with some of the best engineers and the development of products fast. Well, those who stick around within a short period of time are able to utilize the experience as a step to reach somewhere.

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