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5 alongside side Navy Commander arrested for leaking confidential records

The arrests had been made in reference to leaking of records related to Kilo Glass Submarine Modernization Mission to Retired Officers.

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Up to this point: Oct 26, 2021, 10: 55 PM IST

The Central Investigation Agency (CBI) has arrested 5 of us, alongside side a Commander-infamous Serving Officer of the Indian Navy who became currently posted in Mumbai for leaking secret records related to the submarine project in replace for a bribe. Two of these of us are retired officers of the Navy. Motion has been taken on all of them below the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Anti-Corruption Legislation.

This case of leaking of confidential records related to the Kilo Glass Submarine Modernization Mission for Retired Officers came to the attention of senior officers of the Indian Navy final month. After this, keeping in suggestions the nationwide safety, the Executive of India intervened and five senior officers of the Navy got the responsibility of investigating it. The team of these five of us became headed by an officer of the infamous of Vice Admiral.

The portray of these officers became submitted to the CBI, after which the agency registered a case and made these five arrests. The CBI has raided a filled with 19 areas on this case to this level, which incorporates many areas alongside side Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Hyderabad. All by plot of these raids, many crucial paperwork and electronic evidence related to the case had been found by the CBI, that had been seized. For the time being, the CBI is investigating the topic.

CBI officers talked about that many other officers and weak officers had been questioned on this case who had been in fixed contact with the arrested officers and retired officers. On the an identical time, an announcement issued by the Navy learn, “Investigation related to the alleged leak of records of administrative and business nature has come to the fore and the alive to agency of the authorities is investigating it. The agency will accumulate paunchy cooperation of the Navy on this investigation.”

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