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5 New Year resolutions all entrepreneur must make

Almost we are moving towards a new year, most of us want to forget 2020 and fulfill 2021 with promises of economic recovery. 1st January is always seen as a new opportunity and hope towards betterment. Below you will find 5 New Year resolutions that entrepreneurs must take to kick start the year in the right direction.

Resolution means goals that can be accomplished during 2021. Setting goals is definitely an important exercise and the founders without goals, and the team will drift along. In 2020, the world went from one crisis to another and was filled with uncertainty which demotivated most of us. Well, a goal-setting will allow us to become proactive rather than just reactive. A New Year resolution can boost your team and drive your business to the next level.

Progress in leadership quality

Well, this is considered a vague resolution as leadership is an ongoing learning process. For most of the startups in 2021 will be a year of testing and this year will demand a lot from the founders as a leader. Founders have to deal with the new business challenges, conflicting personalities, and evolving work habits and routines. You need to use the leadership style and influence your startup culture to grow. In the last few months, communication was one of the biggest issues faced. Undoubtedly, communication is one of the key tools in the upcoming year for growth.

Well, the question that arises are-

  • How to improve communication skills?
  • How to bring balance in the schedule requests and overall team agenda?
  • How faster decision can be made and how to avoid procrastination?

Pick any one of the topics and dedicate yourself to whatever you decide for improving 2021. You need to become an inspiring leader as this is the year to shake up things and learn new fresh things to lead your startup forward.

Develop creative problem-solving skills

A key way to run a successful business is by becoming an efficient leader. The best way to enhance your efficiency is to develop within you the capability of solving problems. If you have the skills of encountering problems then no problem will be hard to defeat. Most of the startups need to find out creative problem-solving strategies and need to adopt different approaches for building a culturally diverse team or experimenting with the sources of revenue.

You need to set yourself periodically objectives to access your company’s process and procedures.  Your skills will help you lay out a new process for improving customer service, implementing customer feedback, reviewing old ideas, and starting off with new projects.

Learn new things

To become an ambitious entrepreneur, you need to be creative and think out of the box. The best way to do this is by exploring a new perspective. Committing yourself to learn new things will help in driving the business towards a new dimension. Additionally, a useful strategy will help you in bringing work-life balance which will benefit your wellbeing and focus. By doing something completely different from daily tasks will help you think something in a different way which will improve cognitive functioning and helps in crafting new connections in the brain.

Find out time for yourself and improve your health

Well, while reading you are thinking that what connection is there with the entrepreneurs with joining a gym, losing weight, and getting fitter. Entrepreneurship is a demanding path. A founder gets drained both emotionally and physically while running a business. So, it is important for them to look after themselves for improving their strength and energy for leading. Some entrepreneurs fail because they set the goals without enhancing the capability of self-discipline. Ostensibly, this problem is one of self-sabotage. Thus, creating a resolution for improving health is a step in the right direction and still progress.

Another way to progress is by reading. Remarkably, reading is not about sitting with books for hours as it includes poems and news articles. You can also try out audiobooks and podcasts. Along with this other activities like meditation, yoga, and writing a diary is beneficial.

Giving back

However, as a volunteer or mentor sharing knowledge and experience with the new ones is a gratifying thing. You can connect as well as reach out to someone who is just starting and can learn from advice. This will be quite satisfying and allows to practice empathy and reminisce the reason behind becoming an entrepreneur.

With the New Year just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about resolutions. So, it is high time to make a commitment to the resolution on this list.


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