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7 FinTech Startups that you must know about

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was challenging for many companies to sustain themselves in the market. Despite the challenges and economic uncertainty, several startups managed to keep them alive in the market. As per the analysis, in the last 5 years, some of the FinTech startups have established themselves in the industry.

Based on the analysis, we found that 7 financial technology startups are in the 2021 limelight. These startups are established in 2020 developing technology-driven solutions due to the financial sector. FinTech startups are now ushering in the next generation of banking products. It permits financial and banking institutions in streamlining their offering and optimizing their operations.

Now let’s take a look at the 7 FinTech startups that you must watch in 2021:

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Cybera Global- Prevents Cybercrime

Cybera Global is a Swiss startup that is a FinTech platform that helps financial institutions and also governments prevent financially motivated cybercrime. However, the startup combines the emerging technologies with subject-matter expertise for reducing online fraud and cybercrime-related losses globally. However, the financial information technology platform collates that all blacklist data and serves as a single point of contact for the quick report of suspicious transactions.  Further, the platform helps to fight cybercrime addresses the main challenge for identifying financial mismanagement and fraud.

Ziina- Payment option

UAE-based FinTech startup Ziina provides users an app for easier P2P payments. Further mobile app features banking-grade security and also helps in end-to-end encryption for protecting the user’s money and data. Moreover, the app didn’t need users to enter details like banking codes for transferring money. They offer an effective solution that helps in simplifying the financial payments between the families and friends by reducing the requirement of carrying cash transactions.

Bluesheets- Automatic BookKeeping

Bluesheets is a Singaporean startup that permits the digital transformation of the finance departments with the support of real-time bookkeeping automation. However, the startup refers to multiple challenges in manual bookkeeping which involve complex financial recordings and also additional costly software integrations. Basically, Bluesheets is a proprietary technology that permits the low-cost implementation of financial automation with few clicks. Further, the automation tool permits live transaction monitoring, error tracking as well as easy approvals tracking for the finance professionals and departments. Well, the solution even eliminates the requirement for time-consuming paperwork.

Incognia- KYC

US-based startup Incognia provides a privacy-first digital identity solution for mobile apps. It offers real-time recognition of trusted users at the onboarding, logins as well as payment. Notably, Incognia makes utilization of location behavioral biometrics and device fingerprinting for enhancing conversions, reduction of false positives, and stop frauds. Well, this startup’s location technology makes use of the network signals and on-device sensors for delivering precise location information without capturing personally identifiable information. However, the companies with mobile apps and connected devices that use Incognia for frictionless user ID verification, risk assessment, authentication as well as fraud detection.

Emblem- Web3 Integration

Emblem is a US-based startup that helps in developing CircuitBuilder, a Web3 integration platform that makes use of concepts from functional programming and workflow orchestration. When combines with Emblem Vault solution, a crypto token allows the transfer of the whole multi-coin wallet without any need of converting it into native assets. This startup supports all the digital assets involves blockchain assets, layer assets or P2P stored digital files. Further, this CircuitBuilder permits the web and app developers in using a drag-and-drop interface for quick wire together which a multitude of different blockchain logic and systems. Through the classification of blockchain APIs, common cryptography, and functions, it is the CircuitBuilder that makes quick automation experimentation easier for building upon.

PayParc- B2B Payments

PayParc is a Spanish startup that permits the travel companies in optimizing B2B payments. However, it the PayParc platform which benefits the travel companies in sending and receiving payments instantly and even automatically through e-wallets during saving significant amounts. PayParc’s payment flow makes the works completely independent of credits as well as debit card networks. PayParc helps in streamlining all the payments made between the buyers and sellers in the travel industry. By making use of the smart contracts helps in verifying and match each transaction with the booking info. Thus, this solution helps in eliminating common challenges like higher virtual credit card costs, frauds, and bank transfer fraud.

Finwyn- a P2P marketplace

 Finwyn is a Luxembourg-based startup that supports SMEs by finding out the investors who are all set to take outstanding loans or other expenses. This is a peer-to-peer startup or investing platform and marketplace which permits the investors with the free money to find and create the right investment. This platform standardizes the contracts and also permits the users to test the technical features and receive market offers for the investors. This is the right platform for the investors who are looking out for higher rewards and decided to put their money into their business or secondary financial markets. However, this also automates the investment to continuously rotate client’s money for enhancing their returns. 

To stay ahead in this competitive world it is important to keep yourself updated about the current technology as well as an industry trend. To know more about startups and their leader you must follow Global Business Line.

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