A Theory About How the Squid Game Workers and Avid gamers Are Chosen Is Going Viral

Squid Game has formally obtained us zigzag, and it be safe to grunt we’re crammed with questions about the say.

On the opposite hand, it appears savor the mystery surrounding one beautiful enormous state level could presumably well presumably be solved, and it be all thanks to a viral theory being shared on TikTok.

To recap, Netflix’s current Korean sequence follows a neighborhood of oldsters struggling with monetary components who’re invited to preserve segment in a sequence of teens’s games to recall a enormous quantity of money. Most efficient later effect they realize that the penalties of shedding the games are blueprint over they’re going to beget anticipated.

Characters within the Squid Game world are divided into personnel and gamers, identifiable by their outfits: pink jumpsuits for the workers and green tracksuits for the gamers. We search for how the gamers discontinuance up within the game, but what about the workers?

In step with a brand current theory going viral on TikTok, whether characters discontinuance up as personnel or gamers could presumably well all depend on the coloration square they take care of at the originate of the say.

In the main episode we search for the say’s main persona, Seong Gi-Hun, play a game of Ddakji with an nameless man in a subway place. When requested to preserve from a pink and a blue tile, Gi-Hun chooses the blue, along with all of the various characters we search for chosen as gamers.

We don’t search for any person that chosen pink, but the current theory suggests personnel are also chosen in a identical technique to gamers, other than that they take care of the pink square.

A TikTok explaining the perception reveals the nameless subway man retaining up the tiles, with the text, “He asks him to preserve a coloration.” It then reveals Seong Gi-Hun alongside the words, “He chooses blue and wakes up as a participant”.

Then, the TikTok reveals an image of the workers, leaving us with meals for thought: “What if he had chosen pink?”

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It be a beautiful plausible theory, and fans within the feedback undoubtedly appear to judge it provides up. One wrote, “WAIT – that is the motive they are saying everybody is equal in say that have to imply the the personnel are correct folk in debt too!” whereas one other added, “This makes so unparalleled sense.”

What effect you reckon?

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