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A Unique, Practical and Effective Way of Bringing Happiness to Our Daily Life with Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness

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The world is going through unprecedented times of COVID-19. COVID-19 has impacted people both economically and healthwise, including mental health. The need for Happiness is now more than ever. Historically too, India as a country rates poorly in the World Happiness Reports. This is quite unfortunate as one of the oldest civilisations, India, has created and shared a lot of knowledge and practices of Happiness since the beginning of civilisation.

Many people have the wrong notion of Happiness. Many people postpone it for some future time, contingent on some achievement. For example, people often say they will be happy once they crack some exams, get some job, get some position, get married, get a house, and so on. This is wrong. One needs to be happy today, and this Happiness will also help in getting closer to one’s targeted goals as research shows the positive impact of Happiness on performance.

Happiness has been made to look like something very difficult to achieve, and big actions are required to achieve it. Many people want to go to bliss and nirvana. A better way is to take small steps on a daily basis and make Happiness a way of life.

To help and guide on this happiness journey, Dr. Rajesh K Pillania, Professor of Strategy, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon has created a simple, experiential, doable, and effective tool, “Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness.” Dr. Pillania is researching the subject of Happiness for some years now; has written articles, books, and reports on Happiness endorsed by global thought leaders in Happiness; and taught & trained thousands of people from students to senior management on Happiness.

“Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness belongs to a family of positive psychological interventions which appear to work out positively on happiness in the sense of life-satisfaction,” emphasises Dr. Ruut Veenhoven, Pioneer and World Authority on the Scientific Study of Happiness; Emeritus Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam; and, Director, World Database of Happiness.

“Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness helps you to reflect on your current lifestyle, and how you might bring more Happiness into your life. It provides self-assessment tools and diaries to chart your path. This book provides you with guidance through your journey for a happy life, I am sure it will help many in their search,” highlights Professor Sir Cary Cooper, a leading global authority in occupational health and wellness research; the 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. Former Advisor to the World Health Organization, ILO, and EU in the field of occupational health and well-being, Former Chair of the Global Agenda Council on Chronic Disease of the World Economic Forum (2009-2010).

My Experiments with Happiness is unique in many ways, and three main unique points are shared here. First, though it is based on and draws from various disciplines and is comprehensive in coverage, it is deliberately kept brief and simple, saving readers a lot of time. Second, rather than just talking a lot of theoretical knowledge, it focuses on experiments and experiencing Happiness. Third, it is action-oriented and suggests small and applicable changes on a daily basis. Mahatama Gandhiji inspires it.

 “I have great pleasure in recommending Dr. Rajesh Pillania’s Happiness Diary to all readers. He has followed Gandhiji’s model of experimenting with oneself. Dr. Pillania has given you a System for Happiness. Do you have the "System Discipline" to follow it? Develop it. Be happy. Spread Happiness,” says Padma Bhushan Dr. M. B. Athreya, Ph.D. (Harvard), Recognised as one of the founders and pioneers of the Indian Management Movement, including Management Education, Research and Consulting. Ex-Professor London Business School & Ex- Professor IIM-Calcutta.
"Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness by Rajesh Pillania is an amazing tool to help us find Happiness in our daily lives. It is the perfect complement to anyone who has read my book Ikigai. The Secrets of Japan for a Happy and Long Life," pinpoints Héctor García, co-author of the international best-seller IKIGAI.

This Happiness Dairy is endorsed and praised by many global thought leaders on Happiness, well-being, and human resource developments.

People desire Happiness, discuss Happiness, know about Happiness, but don’t practice it daily. The time has come to start practising it, experimenting with it, practising it more, experiencing it more, and live a happier life.

The author personally invites you to start your Happiness journey today and also ask your friends and family, and networks to join you on this journey. Let all people be happy!

It is available for organisations as a training tool in a digital format. It can be customised and co-branded, and one can add messages from your leadership. The author personally invites heads, particularly HR heads, of various organisations from governments, corporates, and academic institutions to use it as a training tool for Happiness of their employees, students and other stakeholders.

“Happiness is needed for everyone. I often find we become prisoners of our own unhappiness. Books like this will definitely welcome to un-prison such prisoners,” stresses Prof. T. V. Rao, One of Founding Fathers of HRD in India, Former Professor, IIMA & Chairman, TVRLS.

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