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Accenture pledges $25 million for Covid-19 relief in India

On Tuesday, Rekha Menon the chairperson and senior managing director at Accenture said it had pledged $25 million that is around INR 185 crore for covid-19 relief efforts in India. 

This involves donations such as offering ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and other medical supplies. 

She also wrote on a professional networking site link that we are providing covid-19 support kids and PP kids to frontline Health Care workers and providing food and covid-19 at-home care kids to unemployed and poor people. 

She further added- “We are also engaging with the government bodies to support vaccination drives and offer local language call center support. We will be augmenting existing hospitals with beds and ICUs and setting up portable hospitals”. 

In addition, it will also develop resources such as 24/7 telemedicine, care-at-home services, enhanced insurance coverage, mental health, and more. The company will also help in testing and vaccinations to support around 200,000 employees and their families, mainly in India. 

The information technology firm has also created leave options for the caregivers. 

She also added- “Across the globe, our people have expressed their support and are getting involved. In addition to their time, they are also donating funds, and Accenture will match 100% of our people’s contributions for Covid-19 relief efforts”. 

The company stated- “our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all who have lost their lives, and the many more who continue to battle the Covid-19 pandemic”. 

India is in a bad condition, which is worsening with every passing day, the rising surge in infection making it tough to face and survive. But it will pass if we stand united and support each other to get through this.

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