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ActiFiber – Natural Sugar Control Made Easy

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ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control is a new innovative product from Essens Wellness. It is 100% Plant Origin, Soluble Fiber nutrition that is clinically proven to help manage Blood Sugar, naturally. It helps control Blood Sugar fluctuation commonly seen after meals. Over the long term, it helps manage diabetes better.
Diabetes and Obesity are posing a huge challenge for our society. India is struggling with an alarming 77 million Diabetes cases, 2nd highest in the world after China. The number is expected to rise to over 100 million by 2030.[i] Essens Wellness is obsessed to address these two big health challenges. It aspires to be the Thought Leader in Diabetes Care & Weight Management with science based solutions that help its consumers take control of these health challenges. Its mission is to bring the best of Nature, Science and Technology to help people lead a healthier and fuller life.
In its endeavour to provide the best quality and scientifically backed product to the Indian market, Essens Wellness collaborated with Roquette Freres, a France based Global leader in Food, Nutrition & Health. Roquette is recognized worldwide for their expertise in plant-based ingredients that enable healthier lifestyles. NUTRIOSE® (100% Wheat Dextrin), a product of Roquette is proven to control blood sugar fluctuations. Essens Wellness brought this product to India by introducing ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control in November 2019.
Vikash Kumar, the Founder & Managing Director of Essens Wellness explained that “India has an unmet need for a quality nutritional product that is backed by science, for the people who are struggling with Diabetes and Weight Management challenges. Our team is passionate about addressing these challenges with quality products that are clinically proven. In order to bring clinically tested products to serve the needs of Indian consumers, we collaborated with Roquette, France who have more than 80 years of experience and know-how in leveraging plant based ingredients for nutrition and health.”


ActiFiber helps in managing food cravings, thus controlling diabetes. Explaining its benefits, the leading Nutrition Consultant, Tina Sapra said “Feeling hungry even after a meal is a common problem in diabetics. It happens because the sugar levels in the body rise and fall significantly. ActiFiber Natural Sugar control helps in digesting your food in a more controlled manner. So, you feel hungry less often and your sugar levels are in control. You get better sugar control in 4 weeks. So, make ActiFiber a part of your daily diet with 1 sachet with every meal.”
ActiFiber is easy to use. It can be just mixed with any food or drink. It dissolves easily with no taste, odour or colour. It is available in convenient single serve sachets. It is Fiber-on-the-go. You can carry a sachet anywhere- at home, work, or play.
ActiFiber contains 100% Nutriose ®. Nutriose® is a patented food product and approved by leading global regulatory bodies like USFDA, European Commission, Canadian and Korean FDA.
ActiFiber is available on Visit for more details and nutritional information.

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