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Aditi Gupta – Wonder Women 2022 – Global Business Line – Shark Tank India

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 5 | Issue Month:May | Issue Year:2022

Aditi Gupta is an alumna of Ahmedabad’s National Institute of Design and has worked as a menstrual educator for the past eight years. She has a profound knowledge of the discomfort people feel when discussing period-related stigmas, having been on the receiving end of such stigmas as a child. As a result, she has dedicated herself to dispelling period misconceptions and taboos through Menstrupedia, a non-profit organization she co-founded that employs comic books and other relevant media to de-stigmatize menstruation.

Because they haven’t been taught about menstruation, many girls are surprised when they get their first period. Parents are generally hesitant to discuss it with their children, and the human reproduction chapter in school is taught much later. Because of the taboo surrounding menstruation, early education about it is restricted, and Aditi Gupta is on a mission to change that. When they ask the first question, it’s preferable to tell them. If the youngster inquires about sanitary pads after seeing them advertised on TV, please explain what they are for, what periods are, and why they occur. Periods are an important aspect of reproductive health, and we should focus on one piece of straightforward information at a time. The knowledge foundation of the youngster can then be expanded.

Aditi Gupta – Wonder Women 2022 | Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta, who was born in a socially poor part of India, has experienced a slew issues since she began menstruating. She started menstruating at the age of 12, but didn’t realise it until she was 15 years old. Aditi was in Class IX at the time and was studying menstruation in her textbook. Aditi Gupta is a well-known entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the area. She has done an excellent job and is an inspiration to young people. She has worked tirelessly to encourage women to view menstruation in a positive light.

Aditi had taught over 10,000 educators and educated over 50,000 females.

Mensuration is a taboo concept in Indian society, particularly in rural areas. The most common reasons for this are a lack of education and awareness. Girls have been restricted from doing things like handling pickles, attending shrines, and many other things since adolescence. With the commencement of menstruation, Adit, too, had to deal with all of these concerns. This inspired the young girl to raise public awareness. Aditi has been working hard to eliminate these issues. Menstruation Does the term make you feel uneasy? If that’s the case, you should probably ask yourself why. Menstruation is such a taboo topic in our nation that there is practically no discussion about it, which has negative consequences (particularly) for young females who are unaware of it.

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So we reached out to Aditi Gupta, the founder and creative mind behind Menstrupedia Comic, an illustrated guide on menstruation for girls and women that attempts to dispel the stigma associated with it. She talked to us about menstruation misconceptions and taboos, as well as why sex education is so important. Regardless of your gender.

Comic Book Menstrupedia is the perfect intervention that surpasses all these barriers. Sex education in India is a complete disaster. Girls are getting their first periods in class 5, while the chapter on menstruation comes in class 7 and is often skipped by the teacher. The book is not just about menstruation and its biological process. It’s about nutrition, body positivity, how to deal with menstruation mentally and generally about the stigma around it and how to remove it.

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