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After Shark Tank India, Jugaadu Kamlesh is the entrepreneur who is receiving attention.


Since he appeared on Shark Tank India, Kamlesh Nanasaheb Ghumare, also referred to as “Jugaadu Kamlesh,” has gained widespread notoriety. On Shark Tank India: Season 1, Kamlesh won many hearts in addition to the title of “pitch of the season.”

Malegaon village in Maharashtra is where Kamlesh is from. On the programme, he and his cousin Naru pitched their pesticide spraying trolley. Shark Peyush Bansal, the co-founder of Lenskart, gave him a Rs. 10 lakh investment in exchange for a 40% equity stake. Additionally, the Shark was so taken aback by his pitch that he extended a 20 lakh rupee, interest-free loan. He also referred to Kamlesh as the “future of the country.”

The aspiring businessman was scorned by everyone, but Mr. Bansal recognised his promise and helped him. Kamlesh’s lack of a professional degree caught everyone off guard, which may be why many people failed to recognise his potential. He seems to have won Mr. Bansal’s affection despite this, as well as the attention of the internet in general. On the internet, Mr. Bansal received praise when this programme aired on television.

Additionally, Mr. Bansal disclosed, “I invested in the entrepreneur, and if you asked me, he is the best of all. He is self-assured, has a clear vision, and was watchful. He had a cheerful attitude that really stood out to me. He continued to be upbeat and smile even after the sharks turned down their offer to invest in him. He won my affection by expressing humility by stating that he would not leave Naru. Because “bande me hai dum,” I admire Jugaadu Kamlesh as a businessperson.

To discuss their business ambitions, he extended an invitation to lunch. Also online, he posted a video in which he stated, “We have decided to do a design improvement in the product, so we’re getting a designer to work with us. Now that winter in Delhi has arrived, we are loving it.

Pesticide spraying trolley for Kamlesh

Kamlesh set off on his adventure after observing his father have back pain as a result of the burden of the pesticide tanks he had to transport. This inspired Kamlesh to design a multipurpose bicycle that could be used for luggage transport, pesticide application, and sowing. He spent seven years putting in a lot of effort and attention to construct his invention, purchasing all the necessary raw materials from a nearby junk merchant.

Kamlesh addressed a common problem that farmers encounter when spraying insecticides. In this operation, farmers must carry a 17-liter container on their backs. This is not only a physically demanding task for farmers, but it can also cause sicknesses due to the toxins exposed throughout the process.

Kamlesh enthusiastically sold his pesticide spraying trolley as a simple solution for farmers. This cart can carry a pesticide container of 20 litres and can be used to plant seeds and move products. This method not only alleviates a significant strain for farmers, but it is also incredibly cost effective. This innovation was produced by him, and he also discussed additional original concepts that may strengthen the nation’s agricultural industry. The bicycle that Kamlesh is selling was constructed for a cost of Rs 8000, but he intends to sell it for Rs 12,000. His pesticide trolley spray prototype, however, was not at its most developed state and was not cost-effective for farmers to purchase because the production cost was between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000.

Speaking openly with the sharks

Following the conclusion of Shark Tank India: Season 1, Sony aired a special episode titled ‘Getting Candid with the Sharks,’ which provided viewers with an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes of the show. Kamlesh once again stole the show in this special episode. While Mr. Bansal explained why he chose to invest in his concept, Shark Namita Thapar stated that her biggest regret on the show is not investing in Jugaadu Kamlesh. Shark Aman Gupta also passed up the opportunity to invest in the concept because he was not there at the shoot on that day.

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