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Agnys Waste Management Private Limited promotes organic farming

Bangalore- Agnys Waste Management Pvt. Ltd is incubated at SIIC, IIT Kanpur with the mottoof setting up the ‘Circular Economy’ of Food->Waste->Compost->Farm->Food. Mr. Hari Shankar and his team are dedicatedly working in Kanpur with multiple stakeholders like Municipality, RWAs, Institutions, Schools, colleges, Hotel, and Hospital association. Besides, the team also promotes organic farming in nearby villages while working with progressive FPOs and enables them to market their products. Here, a team of experts has developed technology that converts organic waste into compost in just 12-20 days, making it one of the fastest composting methods.

Mr. Hari Shankar and his team is solving the problem which is twin-faced, as every year the demand for Urea, DAP, and pesticides are increasing as the soil is losing its natural properties, and so to get the earlier yield, more synthetic micro-nutrients are added to the soil. And on the other side, they have so much organic waste lying in their dump fields, which can be converted to meet the demand for chemical fertilizers. The current composting methods take 40 days to 6 months, depending on the initial bacterial culture and other physical and chemical processes for compost preparation. So, their advanced technology helps the farmers to improve the soil, air, and food they consume.

During Covid times, keeping in mind that public transportation is one of the major carriers in spreading COVID 19, they developed a novel patented technology on faster and 100% safer ‘Vehicle Disinfection’ called SURANG (Sanitization using Ultraviolet Radiation and Assured Nontoxic Germicide). Safer, much faster, and cost-efficient than existing technologies like conventional spray. The SURANG disinfects 99.99%of viruses (including Covid 19) in less than 2 minutes. This can become a new norm for the public transport system. This technology brings a win-win situationfor all, like people (safety), Government (SURANG cleaned vehicles fetches a premiumprice, as well as a rise in the number of passengers, generation of jobs, AtmaNirbhar Bharat and so on).

“We shall start working for Public Transit Preparedness and Response against Contagious Diseases or pandemics.”- Agnys Waste Management Pvt. Ltd

For more details about the product and services contact Mr. Hari Shankar director of Agnys Waste Management Private Limited at [email protected]

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