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Air Force C-130s Called Upon To Fight Taiwan Drought- Sea Goddess

One of the most fiercely debated topics of the past few decades is “Climate Change”. And it is one of the growing concerns around the globe. But with ongoing issues and degradation in the natural resources made it more serious. The constant studies and reports show the trajectories of blue water consumption, renewable freshwater availability, and much more. 

And here is another day, Taiwan is facing its worst drought ever. Its drilling wells, seeding clouds, importing a gold-faced sea goddess to support the sub-tropical island ride out its most serious drought in about half a century. After rain-soaking typhoons, the situation got worse and failed to make landfall last year. 

Reports say the drought is worse across a band of western Taiwan, inclusive of its major metropolises of Hsinchu- home to many renowned tech firms Taichung in the centre of island, and Kaohsiung and Tainan to the south part. 

We all know the patterned haphazard of global warming deniers has remained emphatic that climate change does not pose a threat, but according to me it’s quite clear how it is affecting the globe. For instance, new updates say the water levels in four major reservoirs have declined to around one-tenth of capacity. Even some chip makers are purchasing water by the truckload for their forges or factories, however supplies so far are generally continuing steady for households. 
Not only Taiwan is suffering from heat-clad issues, fallen water level, even in our recent article we demonstrated the ongoing similar issue in Europe and lately in LA (Los Angeles). Experts and reports pointing towards rising sea levels, extreme temperatures across the globe, declining air quality, and other erratic weather patterns. Medical practitioners and professionals are trying their best to drive attention to human health due to all these issues and the degrading environment.

Even the director of the Water Resources Agencies Northern region Chiang Ming Lang told- “they have been piping in water from other reservoirs to the main one for Hsinchu, but it was still not enough and they were now drilling wells for the work”.

globalHe added- “Nobody wants to lack water, but if the heavens don’t open then that’s not something you or I can control”. “However, some people say this is a short-term phenomenon, and it’s tough to deny this has become a long-term one”. 

3-Hour Long Religious Ceremony To Pray For Rain

Religious Ceremony- offering prayers to sea goddess to end drought, Taiwan. Sources: Internet

In March starting, the Water Resources Agency took an atypical step to hold a 3 hour religious ceremony to pray for rain, which was done for the first time in 58 years. For this purpose it sent its top officials to Central Taiwan. 

The Mayor Taichung Lu Shiow-yen with around 3000 people, mostly farmers prayed to the sea goddess “Mazu”. Her gold face implying her holiness. People there believe the famous deity brings good fortune and will end drought. 

The Chairman of Jenn Lann Temple (place where prayers were offered) Yen Ching Piao told- it doesn’t matter who came, only that they were sincere in their request for rain. He added- “prayers give hope, and prayers bring blessings”. 

Air Force C-130 transport aircraft used to strew clouds in Taiwan

To improve the situation, the air force gave its contribution and used C-130 transport aircraft to seed the clouds, while officials of water resources back up the effort from the ground by discharging chemicals into the air. It’s very crucial to have water, as agriculture accounts for more than 70% of water consumption in Taiwan, which is for growing rice and fruits namely mango and pineapple. 

One of the farmers in Hsinchu Tian Shou-hsi , 63, said his plantation and crops are “suffering terribly”. 

Hence, lastly, with the ongoing environmental changes and issues or problems building up for humans getting worse which is making survival tough.

Note: This news is based on millions of articles over the internet, Global Business Line does not take any responsibility for the facts and information mentioned in this news article.

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