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All About “Doomsday Plane” Of Russia

Russian military aircraft known as doomsday planes have stolen electronic devices from them, the country’s media reported. Thieves had stolen the equipment from the doomsday Russian plane, which was meant to survive a nuclear war and serve as a command center. Russian military aircraft known for their nuclear weapons and nuclear-capable aircraft have been stolen from their air control center in Russia. Thieves stole electronic equipment, according to the website of the FSB domestic intelligence service.

The plane, a mobile command post designed specifically to keep officials alive and guide the military during a nuclear conflict, was at an airfield in southern Russia, state media reported. The plane is one of four Il-80s designed for use by Russian officials, including the president, in nuclear conflicts, military experts said. Operating since the 1970s, it has long been seen as a symbol of hope for Cold War presidents who survived nuclear attacks. A converted passenger plane, which contained the crash plane and its command center, was in the airfields in southwest Russia at the time of the hijacking, according to the Russian domestic intelligence agency FSB.

The Il-80 is being used in any nuclear war by destroying ground control structures, according to the US Department of Defense.

The plane would enable Russian President Vladimir Putin to issue orders to defend the country and order the launch of nuclear missiles in the event of a full-blown war. If Russia comes under US fire and cannot strike back with its missiles, it could trigger the status 6. In the event of a conflict, Putin and other political and military officials are expected to board the plane, command the countries “defense systems, and possibly remain in the air for several days without refueling. With the Il-80 in his hands, he would also be free to rule Russia from the top of the world’s most powerful military power.

In the event of nuclear war, he would board the plane, where he could order the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles and make other strategic decisions.

US military planners took the threat so seriously that when the president travels abroad, one doomsday plane always follows the next. E-4B Night-time surveillance planes would be on alert and take him into the sky with just 15 minutes of warning. US forces should keep these planes on 24-hour alert in case the world descends into nuclear war. Doomsday planes would remain in the air, even if one expected a full-blown nuclear war to end in minutes.

Although more than 100 IL-86 aircraft were built, only four of these aircraft are still in service today. While these planes are getting old, Ilyushin is working on a replacement plane, the Il-96-400, which will become Russia’s new doomsday plane.

The effort to get the super weapon ready came after Russia was bombed and Turkey accused of shooting down a Russian plane while hiding its own missile defense system in Syria. Russia worries that the US missile defense system could be able to shoot down Russia’s missiles in a nuclear war. As shown in Plan 6, Russia has warned the US that if it continues to build such defense systems, it will find a way to intercept missiles that cannot be intercepted. Moreover, the US arms-control strategy rests on how to stabilize the strategic balance, which requires giving Russia a secure destructive capability against America. The arms deal will not extinguish the specter of nuclear war, Russia has said.

Russia has a fleet of modified Il-86 aircraft, specially equipped to protect itself in the event of nuclear war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously used aircraft without passenger windows as an escort for fighter jets.

A similar precaution has been taken for Russia, which keeps most intercontinental ballistic missiles on high alert in case they are lost in an American first strike. Russia has warned that it will shoot down the missiles and potentially attack the warplanes and warships that fired them.

The airborne troops, which received a gallows – humor – during the Cold War, were originally designed for nuclear war or other major disasters that would destroy ground-based command infrastructure. The doomsday planes are equipped with so-called airborne launch control systems, which means they can fire land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, Air-based command posts designed to destroy ground-based command and infrastructure in the event of a major disaster, according to the U.S. Army’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Airborne Command posts, designed in response to nuclear war or any other “major disaster” that could cause major damage to ground-based command infrastructure, such as nuclear attacks.

The Doomsday Plane is one of 10 airborne emergency command posts that can be used when war breaks out, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The Mercury aircraft is designed as a flying command post to ensure that the US government can maintain control over its nuclear forces during a nuclear strike. Unlike the presidential aircraft in Rossiya’s fleet, which is essentially a VIP version of a standard aircraft, the Il-80 is a fully integrated part of the Russian Air Force and protected from the effects of nuclear detonations.

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