All you need to know about World Health Day

World Health Day is a global day celebrated every year on 7 April for spreading health awareness. The day is sponsored by the WHO (World Health Organization), as well as some over-related organizations and units. 

Back in time

In 1948, the WHO held the first World Health Assembly. And there it was decided to have a day named as “World Health Day” on 7 April each year. It came into effect in 1950. 

Primarily, the day is celebrated to mark WHO’S founding and is considered as the opportunity by the organization to draw worldwide attention to the most crucial subject to global health each year.  

Several events are being Organized – international, regional, and local. The significance is to let people understand the need to learn about health issues, their preventions, and cures, specifically according to the set theme every year. 

The day is highly acknowledged by several government holdings, and even private or cooperative groups to initiate the wave in public health issues. It also organizes several activities to highlight their support in the media, namely Global Health Council.

The day is one of 11 official global health campaigns marked and initiated by WHO, along with World Tuberculosis Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Immunization Week, World Malaria Day, World AIDS Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Chagas Disease Day, World Patient Safety Day, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week and World Hepatitis Day. 

Theme for 2021- Building a fairer, healthy world for Everyone. 

Present Day 

To let the nation’s people know how World Health Day plays a significant role, and address them to follow the right path and make a better world to live in. 

India’s PM Narendra Modi tweeted this morning- “#WorldHealthDay is a day to reaffirm our gratitude and appreciation to all those who work day and night to keep our planet healthy. It’s also a day to reiterate our commitment to supporting research and innovation in healthcare”. 

As of right now, the major concern globally is to fight the covid-19 pandemic and to take the full control via vaccination drive, and in the same contents, he further added in the tweet thread- On #WorldHealthDay, let us keep the focus on fighting COVID-19 by taking all possible precautions including wearing a mask, regularly washing hands and following the other protocols. 

“At the same time, do take all possible steps to boost immunity and stay fit.”

WHO stated the exact reason via a website post and said- Our world is an unequal one, to maintain and formulate a balance within the world, to make a Healthy place with healthy people all over the globe. As Covid-19 has highlighted, some people can live healthier lives, by following some basic hygiene means, and have better access to health services than others- mainly due to the conditions in which they are born, live, work, grow and age. 

Lastly, form a healthy diet and lifestyle, focus on various factors that affect your health and take preventive measures, and live a life the way you bloom with energy while watching a morning sun! 

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