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Amazon to acquire an Indian retail startup Perpule

Amazon one of the most renowned retail giants has acquired an Indian retail startup Perpule in an all-cash deal in nearly 1.1 billion Indian rupees that is around $14.7 million. Sources say Amazon is likely to pay remuneration to the Perpule’s employees. This could help the deal sustain up to around 1.5 billion Indian rupees, that is 420.4 million, stated in a report. 

Perpule was founded in late 2016 in Bangalore, which helps offline stores go digital and let them serve their customers via a digital interface like any other shopping application. It also helps them accept digital payments and to establish a presence on numerous mini-app stores inclusive of payments run by PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay in India. 

The group’s first attempt is to make inroads in the globe’s second-most populous country where mortar stores continue to drive around more than 95% of sales, somewhat like India. 

It’s prime Venture partners, Kalaari capital, and Raghunandan G- Founder of Neobank Zolve. It has further expanded in recent years, launching products like StoreSE, to help people get a seamless ordering interface. Not only this, but it also expanded to new locations in 2020 namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, 

In an interview, Abhinav Pathak, Co-founder of Perpule said the product wasn’t scaling, which is when Perpule rotated. 

On Tuesday evening, Amazon, the American retail giant said it has up with a new acquisition, of Perpule, a four-year-old startup. The concerned authorities and regulatory filing showed Amazon technologies paid $14.7 million expected to spend an additional cost of $5 million in compensation. 

Lastly, the sources say, Amazon has asked to hold off on new eCommerce norms and regulations. The Indian government and authorities have been looking into Amazon’s business practices and focusing on the treatment of sellers and other foreign investment on the company’s sites as it promotes a battle over a digital retail platform. Amazon is all ready to set for new acquisitions and growth expansion.  

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