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Amazon to step into the Health care sector sooner, Check it out!

United States– With the Covid-19 outbreak all over the world, big market players recognized better opportunities to flourish. It led to extensive growth of the healthcare sector, as it became more digitally active than ever. 

On Wednesday, Amazon- the retail giant announced its plans to step into offering health care services, via the Amazon care telemedicine program to employees nationwide. Currently, the focusing market is the US, and the application is available to the company’s employees in Washington. 

It also said that it is going to allow forms across the country to partner for its telemedicine system. With this, any company’s employees that have signed up can easily interact with a nurse or medical practitioner remotely whenever needed. 

It has also announced that it will soon expand its business and application accessibility to interested employers in the US and later to other countries also. Anyone, who wishes to purchase the services for their employee base can make it happen then and there. 

The company said- This move will make Amazon Care which had been offered to a limited number of the Tech giants employees available to millions of people as part of a workplace benefit. 

On the other hand, Amazon’s blog post says- by supplying Amazon Care over please benefit employers are investing in the health and well-being of our gravely the most important asset: their employees. 

This includes a mobile application that allows people to connect instantly with medical experts of professionals by text and video, within a minute or less! 

Another aspect is they can get all the needed advice and services digitally without any trip to the doctor. The application will also be supplemented with in-person services such as pharmacy delivery and house-call services from doctors or buses who wish to get tested. 

Plus, the new service will be available to all companies irrespective of their size or nature! The way Amazon is communicating the idea of this employee wellbeing application can make wonders in the sector. Not only will it also help employees get the needed boost and build more trust towards their company. I think it will generate a better relationship between superiors and subordinates as they’ll give the sense of caring for their team and employee base. Yes, the availability is limited as it’s fresh and testing its worth and fuller potential to help. According to me, if Amazon tries to target the Indian marketplace for this product launch, then it can let employees savor a better workplace environment, build unity, and a more motivated workforce. Lastly, Amazon stated it will surely expand, and more it will depend on the feedback of the employees who are real users of the service! 

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