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An inspiring story of NAHAK MOTOR’s journey

In the year 1992, the NAHAK group has established headquartered in Kolkata. The group was engaged in manufacturing all kinds of electric fans in Kolkata for more than 20 OEMs.

In 2004, the team established their own brand name ‘NAHAK’. The company has started a new segment in the IT sector for software development, Mobile App Development, Website design other related services in the name of “STARSOFT TECHNOLOGY.”

In 2021-2022, team NAHAK has created massive expansion plans. They have hands-on experienced and dedicated professionals who are willing to give the society and make a contribution to Nation Building. Right now the operation exists almost in the whole country.

Everyone knows that transportation is one of the largest sources of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions globally. NAHAK has taken the initiative to solve the crisis related to climate. This need will help in making the vehicles on the road cleaner. They believe that only a decade left for changing the way they can make effective use of energy to avoid the vilest of climate change.

Well, the Govt. of India has reinvigorated the companies in making electric vehicles for a pollution-free country under “Made in India” and “Make in India”. In 2014, NAHAK has entered the Electric vehicle market. Notably, they have now started with E-Rickshaw which is one of the chief manufacturers of most variants of Electric Vehicles servicing several segments.

NAHAK also manufactures E-Garbage Loaders, E-Food Cart, E-Loaders for Gas Cylinders, and many others. They have the capability to customize the needs of the consumer within a short time.

Team NAHAL manufactures unit of E-vehicles which is in Faridabad and the R&D facility which is in Greater Noida. They invest mostly in the R&D of their products to improve, maximize, and creates a new benchmark in the industry. By making use of the latest technology, NAHAK manufactures a flawless range of products. With extensive experience in manufacturing, the team will provide the best quality Electric Vehicles at the best price.


This is a single charge battery-powered cycle that will drive you upwards to 30km distance. By covering a distance of a single ride, people can build up higher levels of endurance. When you are riding a normal bi-cycle you have to cover the whole 30+km by yourself. Moreover, this includes the possibility of exhausting yourself, or it demotivates you in taking long-distance rides.

Model- E-Scooty

NAHAK has designed this specifically for the Indian environment by keeping the culture, comfort, and traditional values intact of Indian Commuters. The scooty has adequate leg space to sit comfortably without creating any disturbance to the facing passengers.

Model- E-Bike

NAHAK’s electric bike has gained recognition because of the environmental and economic benefits. It is faster and even practical than regular bicycles. This helps in providing a cleaner transportation option other than cars.

Model- E-Rickshaws and Loader

Undoubtedly, NAHAK’s E-rickshaws are cheaper and it can be afforded by a common man. In such scenarios, the passengers need to pay fewer transport charges.

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