Announcement- Google to Shut Down the Google Shopping App for iOS and Android in a Few Weeks

If you are a very frequent user of the Google Shopping App, then you must find another alternative soon or switch over to the web version of the application. Google decided to shut down shopping applications for iOS and Android in a few weeks.

The reason is that on Thursday, axe was spotted by XDA Developers through the code in the latest version of Google’s Shopping Application. The app allows users To shop across thousands of stores and purchase stuff using their google accounts seamlessly without switching over different platforms. 

This announcement was later confirmed by 9to5Google, clearly stating that applications are going dark but will continue to work until June 2021. But the belief is that you need not get worried as Google shopping is not going permanently and will continue over the web version. 

While explaining more about the matter, Google’s spokesperson said to 9to5Google that “Within the next few weeks, we’ll no longer be supporting the Shopping app”. And added “All of the functionality the app offered users is available on the Shopping tab. We’ll continue building features within the Shopping tab and other Google surfaces, including the Google app, that makes it easy for people to discover and shop for the products they love.”

Moreover, the sources say that some of the users who upgraded the shopping application to virgin 59 were getting a message via the platform informing them that the application was unavailable in the coming days. 

The message reads- “the application is unavailable right now but you can continue shopping on shopping dot”. (Web version) 

Lastly, the web version will still function seamlessly and is almost identical to the application so there is not that much to worry about here and it is pretty surprising that it’s Google. There are so many applications Google killed and came up with more with the needed changes and improvements. 

Note: This news is based on millions of articles over the internet, Global Business Line does not take any responsibility for the facts and information mentioned in this news article.

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