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Anu Agrawal COO Banyan Tribe – Wonder Women 2022 – Global Business Line

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 5 | Issue Month:May | Issue Year:2022

The need for a genuine Business Network for any business owner is imperative. Anu told us that businesses can grow more easily on referrals and that’s the best for startups too and that is why Banyan Tribe – truly Made in India.

In this article, you will know why networking is important and tips on how to effectively build business relationships.

Banyan tribe is a business networking platform that brings together business owners from various industries, segments and professions. It helps business owners grow their business through referrals, facilitates collaboration and joint ventures, enables learning through various trainings, building long terms relationships with fellow members, enhancing communication, instills confidence and team spirit to name a few.

Anu Agrawal COO Banyan Tribe - Wonder Women 2022
Anu Agrawal COO Banyan Tribe – Wonder Women 2022

Banyan Tribe is a habitat for business owners and service professionals which in nature is inclusive, symbiotic and non-conflicting. It is a unique Business Community that promises its members new business opportunities and new clients through quality referrals, professional and personal growth through trainings.

In pursuit of following our Mantra “You Grow – I Grow – We All Grow Together” our members get the benefit of our three USPs

Non-conflicting categories – One Trade, One Member is strictly followed ensuring there is no subdivision of business categories removing chances of internal competition and politics.

Value Additions – Celebrity Speakers and Industry Experts are invited frequently offering knowledge and motivation from their expertise. Members presenting value additions is a regular feature.

Business & Growth Based Trainings for overall development of members. Business Conclaves, Tradeshows and Local Conferences are also organized to network with members of its various Episodes. Banyan Tribe is an extended business family where one can grow in harmony and camaraderie.

There are multiple reasons why any business owner, entrepreneur or a startup needs networking. As it is said, your Network is your Net Worth, building relationships through networking comes as a crucial and essential part in the life of a business owner. The network is one of the most valuable tools that can contribute to the success of any business for a variety of reasons.

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In addition, business networks are a very valuable way to expand your skills, learn from the success of others, attract new customers, and tell others about your business. Whether it’s an event like a convention or just meeting other local. entrepreneurs, networking can help speed up the timeline for getting what you want out of your business. Timely organized Business Conclaves and Road Shows can help you connect with like-minded people who can help you promote your business.

Build Relationships – Building relationships and establishing partnerships through your network will give you a competitive edge over your competitors and help you stand out in the market. While doing business meetings, one should explore all possible connections that can prove beneficial to each other.

Be a Farmer, not a Hunter – Farmer Approach is nurturing relationships that aids in long term benefits. Refrain from being a Hunter – only thinking about extracting benefit for your own self. Remember, always be the first to ask “how can I help you?” This approach establishes a farmer approach, builds credibility, and develops congenial vibe that gives mutual business benefits in long term. The main source of business growth in Banyan Tribe are the qualified referrals, which are word of mouth recommendations that business owners generate for each other. Not only there is growth of business but also there are mentorship programs and trainings that are provided within the group which lead to skill development and upgrading to new market trends.

Banyan Tribe also strives to support women entrepreneurs because even in today’s world, there are various barriers and obstacles that women have to face to build their own business. Most of the women in business are working in an unorganized way. We help such womenpreneurs set their business in an organized way following all rules and regulations that are there in doing business. It is our endeavor to support each and every woman who dreams of doing business or wants to scale her venture to new heights.

To promote startups, there are dedicated modules wherein budding entrepreneurs and startups get guidance, support and mentoring from fellow business owners. They get access to multiple benefits from a pool of credible and experienced members in the group. Also, they get to understand the best practices that are to be followed in any business.

Anu started working at an early age when she was just 17 years old. She did her schooling from Army Public School, Delhi. She has done MBA in International Business from ICFAI, Hyderabad. She did not only focus on one thing but has been doing several things side by side. She has been a Language Trainer in English, has written on social causes to bring changes in society at grassroot level, changing the stereotypes, gender issues and stigmas attached to them, parenting, breaking barriers, bringing about change in the patriarchal society, and most importantly Simplifying Life. She is also a voracious reader and loves to travel to offbeat places. Breaking barriers herself, she made a stint in male dominated sport being a Professional Car Racer, Autoprix her forte and has won several accolades, awarded Fastest Woman Racer at Buddha International Circuit to name a few.

Banyan Tribe was founded in lockdown period. She and her partner have been working on it for quite a long time doing a lot of research to make it a flawless member-centric system. Banyan Tribe was founded with an intention to build a great ecosystem to work and network for business owners and service professionals from all fields.

The first question asked by Kunal Guha, Founder and Chief-Editor of Global Business Line is: How did this idea come to her mind? Answering this, she said that being an entrepreneur, network or connection with people are the most important and foremost things but she was unable to find any community that was transparent and supported members. Therefore, with the help of her partner she founded this community to facilitate business owners with a nurturing habitat where they can thrive by building relationships and helping each other grow.

Banyan Tribe is quite symbolic. A tree that is there forever, it is ever-expanding. Banyan tree is one of the most venerated trees in Nature. It has the ability to grow and survive for centuries and is considered as the symbol of immortality. The aerial roots that grow down from its branches form additional trunks and anchor the tree to the ground. This is how we envision Banyan Tribe as a business community, ever growing, becoming stronger everyday adding value to the Business World.

It’s an incredible initiative taken by Anu Agrawal and her partner by starting Banyan Tribe. It is a solution for the business people at large who are looking for a network that is inclusive and member centric.

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