Apple Doesn’T Want People To Use Android- Will Cathcart

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, claims Apple is manipulating users and the company does not want anyone to use Android. WhatsApp chief executive Will Cathcart began his statement in a recent interview with the New York Times. It’s obvious, and I suppose it’s in Apple’s interest, that everyone use the iPhone, “he began.

Citing Apple’s messaging service, Cathcart said the iMessage experience would be better if everyone else had an iPhone, and that Apple was manipulating users. In countries like the US, most people have the iPhone and the messaging experience works really well with iMessages, even if they don’t because they’re in the same place most of the time, so they’ve looked at it.

When people switch to something like the WhatsApp service, it’s easier for their friends to go back and forth between iPhone and Android, “he said. He said it was certainly in their strategic interest that people use it even if they don’t want them to use Android phones. Despite Apple’s privacy policies, Cathcart said he believed WhatsApp would compete directly with iMessages, which he said is more popular in the US. But he said he felt Apple was deliberately downplaying WhatsApp: “It feels like they are deliberately downplaying it.

When you download iMessage, you won’t see the “iMessage” label if you haven’t downloaded it, unless you have it first on your phone, and when you download it, you’ll see a label for it.

That’s why we’re critical of it, “said Mark Pincus, senior vice president and general manager of product management at Google.

He also revealed that he has used an iPhone in the past, but uses an Android phone and also the iPad. I # ve had an iPhone for many years, but I use Android because, looking at the user base of WhatsApp, it’s very Android – hard. So I use Android and I really want to use my product the way most people use an iPad, so I use it.

Many people have used it and are using it to build products that we need to understand, “he said, according to a New York Times report.

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