Apple Facing Supply Shortage of Upcoming High-End iPad Displays

Apple is all set to commence work on its next-generation display destined to be a highlight of Apple Inc.’s. But unfortunately upcoming top-tier iPad Pro is facing production issues due to a supply shortage of upcoming High-End iPad displays. 

The California-based Cupertino tech giant plans to showcase a new MiniLED display technology in the 12.9 inch iPad Pro set to be announced as early as the second half of this month. 

But before setting it up, the firm is facing a big issue. Its overseas suppliers are dealing with poor manufacturing yields, stated by the persons, who refused to disclose any further names. But out of them, one is MiniLED makers has had to recently pause production as a result, one person added. 

Despite the supply shortage, Apple still intends to announce updated iPad Pro tablets. The gadget will come in two size variants early this month, said by the people who know about the matter. 

Moreover, the MiniLED screen, which will improve screen contrast ratios and deliver a better picture. But with more features and improvisations, it will cost a little more for a 12.9-inch model. The spokesperson said- “The MiniLED screen, which will improve contrast ratios and  The production hiccup could mean that the larger iPad Pro will ship later and be available in constrained quantities, to begin with.

When last month, media sources reported that Apple was gearing up to debut a brand new iPad Pros in April 2021, whereas the Apple spokeswoman refused to comment further. 

Some of the key suppliers of the MiniLED technology and display are- Taiwan-based Ennostar Inc., Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp., and General Interface Solution Holding Ltd.

These highly improvised new iPad Pro variants will be the company’s first major hardware product launch of 2021 and will add more product lines that have performed particularly well as people are working and learning from home due to the pandemic. 

Other than the display, the iPad will come up with a much faster processor with the custom M1 chip in its latest Macbooks, a quicker USB-C port, compatible with a broad range of connecting devices and accessories. 

Last year, the iPad generated $8.4 billion in revenue and the most since 2014. All this happened due to the rising demand for smartphones and tablets as all were licked into homes to work and study, and to have a seamless fun-filling leisure time. Thus, Apple is betting on the upgraded variant of iPad Pro to maintain the same interest as earlier. 

Apple Event for Rumoured New iPad Pro Models May Be Scheduled for April 20, Siri Reveals- Update 

Despite the supply shortage of MiniLED displays for iPads, updates suggest Apple may be hosting an event on April 20. There’s no official notice that came out, but its trusted voice assistant Siri is currently answering that the event will be held on April 20 at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. 

Apple is heavily rumored to launch the next-gen and highly improvised iPad Pro models, and a recent report suggests it will soon release it in the market. 

The company will likely stream a pre-recorded event video on its social handles or channels and official website, with which all their audience can witness the actual iPad Pro variant. You can get all other vital details on 

As we said above, no official notice is released, and Apple is yet to send out media invites or make an announcement confirming it. 

Apple is expected to launch two new iPad Pro variants at this upcoming event. It is up with a well-integrated miniLED screen. As the report says, Apple is betting over its new display technology, at least on one iPad Pro model. Some of the past reports say that new models look quite similar to existing ones, but the actual look will be seen in the release on April 20, where you might fund a difference and update its hardware.  

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