Apple will be welcoming Parler back

Apple permits the Parler in returning to their app store soon after it was kicked off because of the following the 6th January insurrection during the US Capitol.

Currently, Apple has created a letter to Congress by informing senators which the company had approved the changes. Parler has also made its app since it was being banned. The letter specifically referred to the Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and House rep. Ken Buck of Colorado. It said that Parler has “proposed updates to its app and the app’s content moderation practices.”

Sen. Buck has posted that the letter to his Twitter account by mentioned Parler’s return to the Apple app store can be referred to as a “huge win for free speech.”

Apple said in the letter, “Apple anticipates that the updated Parler app will become available immediately upon Parler releasing it.”

In January, Parler was restricted because of the demands for a better crackdown on hate speech and incitement of violence. Others in the corporate world like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services have already restricted them from the company as well.

Paler is basically the alternative to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, it vendors itself as a community committed to free speech. Now, Facebook and Twitter have taken the action against some of the Republicans in the last year over such as former President Donald Trump.

In the last tweet, Twitter began to add fact check labels. He posted some baseless claims that the presidential election might be fraudulent because of the mail-in voting.

Now, Parler has now attempted to get back to Apple’s app store in the month of February. On the other hand, it was blocked because of what apple mentioned was the continued proliferation of hateful language and Nazi symbols.

A Parler spokesperson informed the new reporter in the middle-March that the app was working to mitigate the spread of the content with human content moderators as well as algorithmic changes.

Even the spokesperson mentioned, “optimistic that Apple will continue to differentiate itself from other ‘Big Tech’ companies by supporting its customers’ choice to ‘think different.”

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