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As soon as murderer, now actor: How India’s ‘most wished’ criminal used to be arrested after 30 years

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 8 | Issue Month:August | Issue Year:2022

Sixty-5-year-worn Om Prakash — most often identified as Pasha – used to be having a same old day. He used to be at his residence preparing for a impartial in an upcoming regional Hindi film when with out discover, the police from northern Haryana recount came knocking on his doors for a execute he allegedly committed around 30 years within the past.

For virtually three decades, Om Prakash — an ex-Indian Navy soldier who’s charged with alleged theft and execute—had been living correct kind below the nostril of the police. Having settled in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh recount, he married a local lady and had three children. For 15 years, he has been working in regional films. Ironically, he has also performed the impartial of a police constable in regarded as one of many movies.

Nonetheless then his ideal fortune ran out after police sooner or later obtained capture of the frail 65-year-worn from his residence in a slum in Ghaziabad metropolis, Uttar Pradesh.

Om Prakash took the lifetime of crime within the mid-and tiresome-80s when he aged to gain automobiles and two-wheelers. After being jailed and subsequently released, he joined the Indian Navy. Nonetheless in 1988, he used to be disregarded for being absent from responsibility after 12 years of provider.

On January 15, 1992, Omprakash and his aide allegedly stabbed a motorcyclist to loss of life at some level of a theft recount in Haryana’s Bhiwani. After the execute, he went off the radar and commenced a “recent existence”, surviving on abnormal jobs, together with acting gigs in regional films. In step with police, he has so far acted in 28 films.

With out a peep of him, the case used to be knowing of as correct kind to be shut, except a Particular Job Drive in Haryana started probing wished criminals in Haryana who had disappeared. And among the many names that cropped up used to be Om Prakash.

The police also put him on their “most wished” criminals listing and put a bounty of 25,000 rupees ($315) for files on his whereabouts.

Police mutter that Om Prakash made one lethal error that resulted in his undoing—all of his recent paperwork had his and his father’s genuine names.

Around two months within the past, the law enforcement officers caught a whiff of him when Om Prakash made a WhatsApp call to his brother in Panipat. As soon as the skill traced his number, they had been in a position to trace his situation.

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