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Ben Domenech explains why it’s time to query: Are you woke or are you large wide awake?

Fox News contributor and host of “Fox News Primetime” Ben Domenech opened Monday’s picture exposing what the Left intends with “wokeness” and why American citizens must take care of “large wide awake.”

BEN DOMENECH: The irony of the time length “woke” is that it’s designed to do away with you asleep—asleep to the actuality of what’s happening spherical you, sedated from having to discontinuance the rest to repair a valid downside.  

Woke messaging demands you obey and shatter faith alongside with your heritage of freedom alternatively it furthermore serves as a faith that demands shrimp extra than that obedience.   

So, to do away with actual one example of hundreds that surround us, wokeness plan you don’t must query the laborious questions about how public faculties fail Sad and Hispanic American citizens – actual fetch the myth of systemic racism for your coronary heart as your Lord and savior.   


There’s nothing contemporary below the solar. At the moment, once extra, the woke desire you asleep, locked down, docile, tamed, subdued. They wish you to flip far flung from the truth and embrace a comforting lie.  

On the replacement hand it’s time. It’s time for all of us as free voters to wake up. It’s time to demand our leaders wake up. It’s time to flip to your fellow voters and query them: Are you woke… or are you large wide awake?  


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