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Bengaluru girl’s job utility turned down as her skin changed into once a ‘diminutive handsome’, netizens react

A Bengaluru girl Pratiksha Jichkar has voiced her sturdy criticism on social media against a company that allegedly dumped her out in the final round of an interview announcing her skin tone is a “diminutive handsome” for the contemporary group. This incident took purpose in Bengaluru metropolis in the south Indian direct of Karnataka.

Without taking the title of the company, the girl lashed out at the firm’s discriminatory recruitment insurance policies which finally led to the rejection of her job utility.

Sharing the screenshot of the e-mail obtained from the company, the girl dropped the saga on LinkedIn pouring out her sentiments when her utility changed into once turned down publish three rounds of interviews and one project. “I changed into once rejected in the final round of interviews, as my skin tone changed into once diminutive handsome for the group,” she wrote.

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However, she saved the company title in the e-mail undisclosed.

“Thanks for interviewing with us and being affected person one day of the activity. Sadly, we is no longer going to transfer ahead with you for the aim this time. We found out your profile connected and the full abilities and qualifications match what we’re attempting to obtain nonetheless we’re an inclusive organization and consider in equal opportunity for all. Your skin tone is diminutive handsome for the contemporary group and so we invent no longer desire differences in our internal group, and we made up our minds to no longer provide you. We desire you the genuine for future endeavors,” the company electronic mail shared by the girl read.

‘Felt if truth be told worst’

Reacting over the alleged sad match, the girl expressed that she changed into once “no longer factual apprehensive or timid nonetheless felt if truth be told worst about what form of world are we heading to.”

She published that even finally the checkboxes such as “connected abilities, qualifications and expertise” changed into once ticked off in her job utility, she changed into once declared no longer fit for the aim thanks to her handsome skin tone.

“The hiring manager wished to have not any differences in the group and so I wasn’t offered the aim. (how empathetic😓),” she wrote.

‘Judging folk essentially based on color’

Outraged at how the company treated her and rubbished her job utility, the girl stated, “Here we’re talking about diversity, inclusivity, sustainability and then we’re judging folk essentially based on color, creed, faith and a lot other biases.”

“On this planet the set we’re selling means essentially based alternatives, boosting sizable studying seemingly by AI, growing out of the ordinary applied sciences and then no longer hiring folk on yarn of we’re aloof the same society who protect grudges and biases,” she added.

Despite the indisputable truth that she did no longer title the company, she stated if “you are reading this it’s a chance so that you just can rectify your culture and be begin to folk with skill, abilities, and seemingly.”

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Persevering with her publish on LinkedIn, she wrote, “Mountainous organisations are no longer built by good leaders nonetheless by workers who thrive with good values, culture, admire and seemingly to scale original heights with out reference to biases, politics and competition.”

As per her LinkedIn page, Pratiksha Jichkar profile says she “helps organisations fabricate impactful ‘Employer mark’ by compelling tales.”

Within the same LinkedIn publish, she also pitched in for her personal products and companies in the world of mark building. “One such unfriendly instance can steal your complete mark image for a toss, so when you fancy to fabricate influential, empathetic and workers most neatly-liked mark, invent join with Pratiksha Jichkar,” the girl wrote.

Netizens left baffled

The story of the girl bought viral no longer factual on LinkedIn nonetheless also on other social media apps such as Reddit and X the set many comprise puzzled the authenticity of the incident.

Taking to Reddit, one client reportedly wrote, “I understand diversity hirings infrequently halt up being unfair to a pair, nonetheless that wording is never gonna be put in legit mail by any half of competent HR lol. This is a rage bait.”

“This is no longer handsome,” one more client stated in a play of words. One client on X social media app known as the total episode a ‘publicity stunt’.

Any other termed the story of the girl spurious and stated, “HRs invent no longer give reasons for rejection on the face/phone and must send on the e-mail and that too fancy this. No longer a chance.”

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