Bezos’ Blue Origin conducts successful test flight for space.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos space company Blue Origin conducted successful test flight of New Shepard capsule aimed at taking tourists to space. Blue Origin tested the New Shepard capsule which remained in the air for over ten minutes and attained altitude 106 kilometers above sea level and which descended to the surface using parachutes and then landing in the West Texas desert.

“This is the seventh consecutive successful flight to space and back for this fully reusable rocket,” the company said on Twitter.

There were no passengers onboard the current trip. 

The previous test flight of the rocket had taken place back in December last year and it was due to test it again in April but it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. 

Blue Origin had earlier said that it sees “New Shepard as an important source of inspiration for the public as it works to make Bezos’ dream of millions of people living and working in space a reality.”

However, the company hasn’t disclosed the price of the tickets for the voyage. Last year, Virgin Galactic had shown the interior of its spaceship, however, both companies have not revealed when the new tourist spaceships will enter commercial service.

The Blue Origin rocket hopes to carry at least six passengers who would be placed on horizontal backrests which would include multiple cameras to capture every second of a passenger’s journey in outer space.

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