“Big step to bring an end to COVID”: Vaccination started in India Today

Bangalore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the nationwide COVID-19 vaccine at 10:30 am today, a bigger step towards overcoming the pandemic that toppled lives and unleashed unprecedented sufferings over the last 12 months. In phase one, India will administer shots to three frontline workers in phase one.

On Saturday, 600 healthcare workers at six vaccine session sites of Karnataka is administering Covaxin. The centers that have started administer the vaccine are KC General Hospital, Victoria Hospital, CV Raman General Hospital, Jayanagar General Hospital, St John’s Medical College, and Mallasandra Primary Health Centre. The vaccination will continue till 5 pm.

Sudhakar told reporters “Covishield vaccine will be administered at 237 centres and Covaxin at 6 centres across the state after Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually unveils the drive in Bengaluru on Saturday from New Delhi through video-conferencing.”

MLA of Jayanagar Sowmya Reddy inaugurated COVID vaccine in the Jayanagar General Hospitals. This hospital is taking care of every individual and with lots of care they giving the vaccine to the individuals. Arrangements for the drive involves 10 walk-in cooler, 4 walk-in freezers, 3,210 ice-lined refrigerators(ILRs), 46,591 vaccine carriers, and 2,25,749 ice packs.

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