Burger King apologizes for a tweet- ‘Women belong in the kitchen’

On International Women’s Day, Burger King in the UK has deleted the tweeter post where the company mentioned “Women belong in the Kitchen.”

Burger King mentioned, “we got our initial tweet wrong and we’re sorry” following widespread condemnation and mockery online. We decided to delete the original tweet after our apology.”

The company also added, “It was brought to our attention that there were abusive comments in the thread and we don’t want to leave the space open for that.”

Also, the company said that with this post they tried to promote scholarships for female chefs. However, the post received thousands of sarcastic and negative responses.

As an expert, Allen Adamson mentioned, “It’s not something they wanted linked to the Burger King brand.”

Moreover, some users even tweeted that International Women’s day in the UK was “tone-deaf”- requesting not to eat at the restaurants.

However, Burger King followed up these tweet with two others to explain that it was meant for encouraging equality among kitchen leadership and scholarship program.

The company mentioned, “We’re on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career.”

In response to the tweet, KFC Gaming tweeted with an urge to delete the tweet.

Mr. Adamson mentioned that the provocative original tweet missed the mark.  He also mentioned, “They tried to be too clever and too creative.”

“Challenge of a tweet — it stands on its own. It’s not the beginning of a conversation, it’s usually the entire conversation.

“So, saying ‘women belong in the kitchen’ is the punch line and the headline that’s now linked to the Burger King brand.”

Burger King declined to attend an interview but in a written statement, the fast-food chain mentioned it was “committed to helping women break through a male-dominated culinary culture in the world’s fine dining restaurants.”

In a statement, Burger King said the program, HER (Helping Equalize Restaurants) Scholarships, in North America.

The company also appeared to have taken out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times with a similar statement.

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