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Business Tycoon Mr. B.R. Shetty and his family brings on board Dr. Bu Abdullah as their legal representative in the U.A.E

The illustrious Indian businessman, Mr. BR Shetty has spent more than fifty years in the United Arab Emirates and established many institutions to serve the community of the United Arab Emirates, where he stated that he and his family members owe a lot to the UAE and its governors, as all the family’s successes in vital areas are due to future visions and ambitions to the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates. With the sudden downturn of events, Mr. Shetty was issued orders by the court to freeze his assets in Dubai and India, after lenders brought charges against NMC health-largest private healthcare provider in the United Arab Emirates (founded by Mr. Shetty), as well as himself.  The company is accused of understating its debt by a staggering $4.5 billion.

 Mr. BR Shetty and his family members have recently authorized Dr. Bu Abdullah also known as Yaqoub Mousa Mohammed, Chairman of Bu Abdullah Group, to be the family’s legal representative in the resolving of all disputes and cases of the BR Shetty family, as the family has expressed the desire to resolving all their disputes and clearing their name at the earliest, in the United Arab Emirates.

In an interview with Dr. Yaqoub, he said “After having an in-depth conversation with Dr. BR Shetty, I realized as his representative that he is broken from within as he learned that he had been deceived by those close to him, ones who had been authorized to do his paperwork in his absence and without his knowledge a lot of damage had been done. He has great respect for the United Arab Emirates, its governments and its people. He wants to return to the UAE to clear everything.”

Dr. Bu Abdullah being a crucial figure not only in the Gulf region but around the globe, poses extraordinary expertise in law and entrepreneurship. He plays a definitive role in raising the concerns of Non – Residents in the UAE and ascertaining harmony among the NRI’s in the Gulf region. He pursued his degree in law to get an edge over the subject, all in order to render the finest services to his clients. His professional advice for investment and legal issues has aided many individuals and around two hundred companies all across the Middle East and Asia. It is his constant undertaking of catering business and law solutions to multinational or small-scale companies, whoever is in desperate need. The versatile and expert services and counseling offered by him have accomplished wonders for the people. Mr. Shetty is all positive and content with Dr. Bu and his skills, to come out clean of the muddy waters spilled on him.

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