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Canada assures safety of Indian diplomatic missions amidst Khalistani protests

Canada has reaffirmed its commitment to making positive the safety and safety of Indian diplomatic missions and officials amidst ongoing protests associated to the Khalistani circulate.

Marilyne Guèvremont, a spokesperson from World Affairs Canada, in step with WION acknowledged, “We are conscious that the protests possess taken converse at varied places in Canada. Canadian authorities had been in contact with Indian diplomatic officials concerning the protests.”

The assertion also highlights Canada’s commitment to upholding its safety-associated tasks under global law.

” World Affairs Canada is dedicated to the safety and safety of these missions and diplomats. We take dangle of very severely our safety-associated tasks under global law,” an first rate assertion from World Affairs Canada read.

The assertion indicates that the Canadian authorities is taking the Khalistani protests and their doable impact on diplomatic safety severely.

Canada is the third country after the UK and the US to field assurances on the safety of Indian diplomatic missions after the Khalistani protests.

Within the UK, the Indian Mission in London used to be vandalised by the Khalistani protestors. The UK international secretary James Cleverly termed it as an “act of violence” in direction of the Indian Excessive Price in London.

Calling it “unacceptable” he acknowledged, “We will be in a position to continuously take dangle of the safety of the Excessive Price, and all international missions within the UK, extremely severely.”

The Indian Mission in San Francisco used to be also attacked by protestors after which the White Condo and the US NSA issued statements condemning the incident.

“We absolutely condemn that — that vandalism.  It’s true fully unacceptable,” the White Condo acknowledged.


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