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Case Study On Ratan Tata – Motivational Story

The old Tata Steel hand in Jamshedpur breathed a sigh of relief when the Tata Steel board took the decision last month to sell its bleeding British assets. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has provided Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) with a facility to research cognitive systems for autonomous vehicles. Ratan Tata approached me about philanthropy and I followed the conversation with him. [Sources: 3, 9, 13]

Tata Foundation, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Tata Trust for Science and Technology, a joint venture between Tata Steel and Tata Motors. [Sources: 14]

He is a managing director of Tata Limited, a biotechnology company based in Bangalore, India, and a member of the board of directors of Infosys Inc., a biotechnology company in India. He was a close friend of Raffi Riboud, the former Fiat boss with whom Tata has close friends. This is an example of Fiat trying to revive its Indian business and the recent strategic agreement that Tata has concluded. It is one of many examples of Fiat’s attempts to revive its Indian business in recent years, and part of a “strategic deal” recently struck by Tata with Fiat Motor Co. Ltd. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. [Sources: 4, 10, 12]

Indeed, many of the leading MBA colleges recognize the impact of this case on the business world, and plan to use the ongoing tug-of-war within the Tata Group to help young MBA graduates understand the basic lessons of management. Harvard Business case studies represent real-life situations, and therefore an analysis of the industry and competitive environment must be conducted to find a more holistic case study solution. Instead of recommending that all business units focus on costs, we recommend that organizations focus not only on profit and loss, but also on growth and profitability. [Sources: 1, 11]

Ratan Tata, the Indian conglomerate Tata Group, will have to answer some difficult questions, and we asked ourselves those questions when he resigned as chairman of the group, a post he has held since 1991. The stock market is under increasing pressure as traders may remain fearful of the confusion caused by the decision. It is extremely important to maintain a strong image of the Tata Group at this point. [Sources: 5, 10]

He received a job offer from IBM and reportedly beat a slew of Indian superstars for the job, including Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Arvind Subramanian and others. He is said to have had a good relationship with Ratan Tata, but JRD Tata was not pleased that he did not work with the Tata Group during his time in India. She even said he had interfered heavily with the company’s management, that she was not allowed to work freely and sometimes put pressure on her to work “against the wishes” of Tata. He also said he wanted to use Nano for Ola instead of Uber because he had a personal investment in it. [Sources: 6, 14, 15]

Despite these and other challenges, there have been times when Ratan Tata felt he could make a difference, not just a fire-fighting operation. [Sources: 16]

He regretted that a confidential report by the board had become public, creating confusion. Cyrus Mistry responded by saying he was shocked that Ratan Tata had given false facts and that no one in the group had acted on what he claimed. He argued against it, arguing that Tatas had only contributed to a general election. [Sources: 5, 14]

Further interviews and text documents from the case also showed the demanding process in which Taj employees were selected and rewarded for their work. On the other hand, he told me in an interview that Mr. Mistry thought the entire Tata Sons board was mad. Since the NCLAT comments are damaging to Tata’s reputation, the company has required sufficient concrete evidence from its camp to prove that they have abused the power under Article 75. You might think he is fighting a legal battle against the board’s decision, but given that the Tata Trust has a firm grip on it and holds a 66 per cent stake in the group, it is hard to see what he could achieve. [Sources: 2, 5, 7]

IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services have had problems retaining their employees, and other Indian IT companies have had the same difficulties retaining their employees. Find out more about Tata Sons, Tata Trust and Tata Group’s business practices here. Also consider the external business environment of your organization and share your findings with us. [Sources: 2, 11]

The group’s telecommunications business is stuck and Ratan Tata was personally dragged into an embarrassing corruption scandal, but it remains so, and the group has begun to focus on and sell disjointed businesses such as cosmetics, soap and cement, while retreating from its investments in other companies such as Tata Consultancy Services. Cyrus Mistry was appointed interim chairman and member of the board of Tata Sons Ltd in August 2016. After a series of meetings with the board members of Tata Group and other senior executives, in July 2017, the Board of Directors of the company and Tata Trust of India (TITI) removed CyrusMistry as Chairman of TCS and him from his position as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CFO) and his wife Nirmala Sitharaman, from their post as Vice Chairman and made her interim Chairman. Tata started the process of adding him to the TSC board as a non-voting member in October 2016. Mistries was unable to introduce his son – son-in-law and co-founder Ravi Shankar Prasad – as an independent member. [Sources: 0, 8, 13, 16]


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