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‘Catastrophic’ Australia floods prompt helicopter rescues

Windsor, Australia– Australia is facing a severe flood for the past few days. Mass expulsions were placed in low-lying areas along with Australia’s east coast as torrential rains caused “life-threatening” floods across a region. The place is all soaked into loads of water all over the streets.  

Hundreds of people had congregated to evacuation centers and to seek shelter as the rains moved South down the coast. Even the Bureau of Meteorology reported this year flooding levels exceeding 2013 floods along the Hastings River outside port Macquarie, about 400 km North of Sydney.  

Earlier on March 19, reports suggest towns in the area have already seen record rainfall of more than 300 millimeters, stated by the Bureau.

The recent updates of the situation say helicopters and motorboats were deployed to initiate the rescue operation and help the residents stranded by “catastrophic” floods in eastern Australia today. Authorities and experts are updating the needed information and giving warning signals to more areas that were now under the threat. 

The situation and problems for the folks are rising due to the remorseless week-long rain that has soaked most of New South Wales. It caused surging rivers to overflow their banks, engulfing homes, roads, bridges, and damaging farmland.  

'Catastrophic' Australia Floods Prompt Helicopter Rescues
A rescue worker stands at the entrance to Windsor bridge after the area was deluged with floods. Sources: Internet

To date, around 850 people have been rescued to safety zones, but thousands of people are still stuck, and officials told them to leave their homes. The wild and harsh weather conditions have spread to more inland areas and are affecting people and property. In addition, across North-South Wales, around 18,000 people have been removed, and officials and the weather department say it is “impacting a huge area of the state”. 

Now, in some parts of the region, residents have begun looking to initiate clean-up drives but the Meteorologists have warned that flooding and rains still persist for some more days even though rainfall forecast to get easy by Wednesday.

While commenting on the situation, someone told the reporters in Canberra- “This is a complex weather event and becoming more complex”. 

All the facts and predictions clearly state that the conditions will be more extreme. 

One of the farmers named Rod Bailey said his property near Port Macquarie had suffered “complete destruction” with at least 95 percent of its plantation damaged by heavy rains. 

The Bureau also said with a sigh of relief, “we are not out of the woods yet”, with half of New South Wales still under threat and emergency alert. The warnings and red alert have been getting severe to areas earlier, inclusive of the South coast of Sydney and outback regions to the northwest recently ruined by a protracted drought.

Lastly, the changing weather conditions all over the globe are becoming a cause of unstable day-to-day life, damaging properties and humans. While giving long-term impact over the regions across the globe. Australia has suffered and faced extreme natural calamities and stood strong even after that, the prolonged forest fire, then dried rivers or drought, and now fighting from flooded towns. 

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