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CDS’ New Defense Import Ban List To Push Indigenous Ammunition and Weapon Systems

NEW DELHI– The defense is one of those sectors in India which always stays in news, with new policies, new armors to be added, bonds, deals with neighboring nations, and so on. And yes, it is one of the pillars of our nation to stay strong in the world. 

Reports say, the new list of 101 defense-related items whose import would be banned, now the major question arises why? 

It’s all to push “Make In India” in the military hardware sector. And it is expected to include resources for major weapon systems and integrated systems such as aircraft. To make the list known as the “positive list of indigenization”, is expected to be issued by the Department of Military Affairs headed by Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat most probably by the end of March. Meetings and discussions are being held with the indigenous industry plans mainly involving the private sector for better results and weaponry to be made for the future. 

The move is done with keeping the major focus on banning the import of all types of materials or ammunition in a given timeframe as this is the most essential part of our Defense sector and its preparedness. If we will be able to produce the ammunition within the country itself, it will benefit us in several ways, meeting our requirements even during times of emergency. 

Another benefit that India can savor is it will help in doing lots of savings on the part of the money spent on foreign supplies, especially in times of crisis. For instance, China and Pakistan in the recent past, and so on. 

To move further with the plan, the DMA has been holding meetings and discussions with the possible industry partners and asking them to offer a certain timeframe to develop and produce the desired ammunition within the country. 

As per the information, the DMA will talk about the possibility of the private sector industry which is manufacturing weapon systems such as Aircraft for military needs and other relatable systems. Earlier, in 2020, one such list was issued, banning the import of any artillery guns and submarines, to be built in India even if there is a need for a foreign partner. 

And as a result, it led to the Indian Army withholding a possible deal to procure artillery guns and from Israel. Currently, it is evaluating an indigenous gun system called ATAGS developed by the DRDO and manufactured by the Tata- Kalyani combination. 

Lastly, banning imports from foreign supplies, and spending money on the same, won’t be helpful. Hence, the Make in India initiative can be achieved by saving the cost and using it for in-house manufacturing of weapon ammunition. 

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