Celta Vigo Vs Barcelona

Iago Aspas scored the last one – Espanyol on Sunday with a smart flat shot – which went off the wall and into the goal, stealing victory from Barcelona as they are just a point ahead of Madrid in the La Liga table with a 2-1 home win over last year’s runners-up. Real Madrid moved two points clear of Real Sociedad in the Champions League quarter-final first leg on Saturday night and are now playing for a 3-2 win as arch-rivals Barcelona dropped two points to Celta Vigo after Luis Suárez’s double. The Celtic captain spotted Barcelona’s wall moving to the right and hammered the ball into the top corner from outside the penalty area before equalizing with his second goal in as many games. [Sources: 0, 7, 9]

Celta Vigo managed to put two players behind a defender with quick passes, an advantage that is very beneficial for an attacking side. Barcelona must be wary of opposition attacking threats And I have no doubt they will not approach this game with the same attitude. [Sources: 3, 17]

While Celta Vigo have started the season solidly, they have slipped to defeat against Barcelona in recent weeks. They will do a good job but they will not be able to stop Barcelona in a game where the visiting team have taken all three points. Barca have had the ability to cope with the challenge from Madrid in some seasons of late. [Sources: 5, 6]

They will be looking to capitalise on the momentum from their last game while Celta will look to use their home advantage to maintain their unbeaten streak. It won’t be easy for promoted Celtic, who have lost just one of their last four games in all competitions this season. They will have been looking to avoid defeat against a Bournemouth side on their last visit to the Nou Camp, a game in which their squad has made a fairly respectable start to 2020. [Sources: 12, 14, 15]

Conversely, Celta Vigo can take some optimism from their recent performances and that should be enough to beat the defending champions this weekend. Barca should not underestimate the quality and potential of a team who are capable of winning but they will expect more than a point from this game, especially after the disappointing performance against Bournemouth. [Sources: 5, 10, 15]

Barcelona’s problems away from home have been well documented this season and they are often heavy favourites when they play on the road, but a visit to Celta will not make up for the difference with a winless streak. The Catalans will have to play well to get a point against a well-drilled and experienced Celtic side. If they want to upset Barcelona in this game, they have to bring their best game on the pitch. [Sources: 11, 12, 17]

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The live stream of Celta Vigo v Barcelona on Bet365 will be broadcast on the official Bet 365 website on Saturday 7 October from 19: 30 BST. [Sources: 8]

The game will be shown live on Bet365 on the official Bet 365 website from 19: 30 BST on Saturday 7 October, with the live stream available for download from 12: 00 BST. [Sources: 8]

Barcelona, who failed to get the restart they had hoped for in the previous match, need all three points to put league leaders Real Madrid under pressure, while Celta Vigo host the Catalans in a 3-1 win over Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey. Lucas Olaza’s own goal, caused by the lively Messi, gave Ronald Koeman’s team some breathing space but they could not capitalise on their numerical advantage. [Sources: 3, 4]

Celta Vigo will be delighted with a hard-fought point but will still try to work on their attitude to make it harder for the opposition. There is a crucial point in this match that could prove decisive in the race for the Copa del Rey semi-final. Our analysis will also show how Barcelona managed to give up the lead and why Celtic’s counter-tactics worked. We invite you to check out our previous post, in which you will find out who the top goalscorers were, as well as our thoughts on the game in general. [Sources: 1, 3, 17]

Lionel Messi and his team-mates will know they have a mountain to climb in Galicia but this high-stakes situation could well bring the best out of Barcelona’s under-performing superstars. [Sources: 17]

Barcelona showed their attacking prowess in the second half against Athletic Bilbao and will probably see plenty of goals in this game. Celta have every reason to believe they can find a way around Blaugrana and wrestle them down. Rafinha, who was brought up by Masia, has warned Barcelona that he is struggling there and ready to give them a hard time. I think Celtic will probably score against Barcelona in this game but a single goal probably won’t be enough to avoid defeat. [Sources: 5, 13, 16, 17]


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