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Chegg shares rebound with 17% pop after shedding nearly half their price on ChatGPT concerns

Dan Rosensweig, CEO, Chegg

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Chegg’s stock returned to the plus facet on Wednesday after the on-line training company lost half its price a day earlier attributable to concerns about the aptitude influence of ChatGPT on its industrial.

As of early afternoon Novel York time, Chegg shares had been up 17% to $10.63. However that is aloof way below Monday’s closing designate of $17.60.

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CEO Dan Rosensweig told CNBC after the market discontinuance on Tuesday that the stock’s descend all over unparalleled shopping and selling hours used to be “extraordinarily overblown.” The shares had plummeted following Chegg’s earnings document slack Monday, when the company opted no longer to present annual guidance attributable to uncertainty surrounding OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the widespread synthetic intelligence chatbot.

Whereas earnings and earnings in the first quarter topped estimates, Rosensweig warned on the decision with analysts that ChatGPT used to be “having an influence on our fresh customer boom rate.”

Chegg is slated to open CheggMate, its GPT-4 powered AI platform, this month. Rosensweig talked about the combo of GPT and Chegg’s trove of tutorial files will be transformative, but it completely’s unclear what the uptake will be and how neatly this can even monetize.

Analysts at Piper Sandler, who dangle the identical of a preserve rating on the stock, talked about in a document that there are valuable questions surrounding the pricing mannequin, AI-linked charges and whether or no longer advancements in AI “democratize their core offering to the extent that their competitive boundaries are diminished.” The company chop its designate target on the stock to $11 from $17.

Rosensweig reminded merchants, all around the CNBC interview, that Chegg generates free cash movement and earnings, on an adjusted foundation, and has “bigger than adequate cash to repay our debt.”

“I accept as true with here’s extraordinarily overblown, and I don’t in most cases sing that, I don’t genuinely focus on about the stock designate mighty,” Rosensweig talked about.

It is been a tough two years for Chegg merchants. Since peaking at over $113 in February 2021, the stock has lost bigger than 90% of its price, pushing its market cap below $1.3 billion.

WATCH: Chegg CEO on earnings stock drop

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