Cheryl Burke Is Nervous About Competing on DWTS Sober: ‘This Has Been Truly Upsetting for Me’

Being sober way navigating no longer finest the difficulties of sobriety itself but additionally facing the identical old challenges for your lifestyles with out alcohol. For Dancing with the Stars vet Cheryl Burke, that comprises being with the nerves and insecurities that come up for her whereas filming the repeat, as she shared in an Instagram video posted almost at present sooner than this week’s season 30 premiere. 

“Confession time – this would possibly perchance perchance perchance perchance be my 24th time doing #dwts, and even supposing I’m SO mad, I also derive indispensable nerves,” Burke, who published in September 2020 that she had decided to stop inviting two years prior, wrote in the caption. “If I acknowledged to you that I used to be comely so mad and no longer apprehensive, that is seemingly to be a lie,” Burke acknowledged in the video, which she filmed whereas riding to the DWTS location on Monday.

“Obviously I’m apprehensive. Obviously I of course derive my thoughts getting the correct of me,” Burke acknowledged. “Hopefully by 5 p.m., once we shoot here in LA, that is no longer the case. Nonetheless I’m apprehensive. I’m feeling bowled over, and I’m petrified.” Burke persevered, “I know you guys are gonna be fancy, ‘Why [are you scared]? You are astonishing!’ Which I thanks for so powerful. Nonetheless I desire you to know, since being sober, this has been of course upsetting for me.”

Sobriety has made Burke extra conscious relating to the stress she puts on herself whereas competing in DWTS, she explained the in caption. “Doing this repeat sober has of course made me realize my every insecurity and the amount of rigidity I put on myself, which is sturdy,” Burke wrote. Within the video, she elaborated on some of these anxieties she has around competing. “To instruct that I don’t derive these insecurities—my body dysmorphia, my feeling of looking out out for to throw up or discovering the closest exit—is certainly a lie,” Burke acknowledged. “The rigidity that I put on myself usually is so intense, and or no longer it is comely no longer life like.” 

Burke, who has beforehand opened up to followers relating to the sturdy aspects of being sober, thanked her viewers for his or her positivity and enhance, and acknowledged that being candid with them relating to the hard issues is obligatory to her. “I comely desired to relief you guys know that I’m human,” she acknowledged in the video. “I’m comely here to advise ya that I’m freaking apprehensive.” Within the caption, she added, “Real desired to be excellent with you all attributable to I know usually it can stumble on fancy these items is straightforward for us, but that wouldn’t be precise.” 

Alongside with the nerves, Burke is feeling a sequence of obvious feelings comely now. She acknowledged she is “so mad” to be taking share in another season of DWTS and “of course, truly, grateful for this different.” Burke added, “ I sign this attributable to I take care of it.” 

In a on the assist of the scenes interview later that night, Burke spoke about some of the upsides of going thru the DWTS trip sober, alongside side being extra in contact alongside with her feelings as they unfold. “It is been attention-grabbing for me to truly of course feel the sentiments which can perchance perchance perchance be taking place,” Burke urged Leisure Tonight. Burke also shared that she has a renewed sense of appreciation for the repeat. “It is nearly been a total fresh trip, in an ideal way,” she acknowledged. “It is nearly fancy I of course derive a brand fresh take care of and keenness for Dancing With the Stars, attributable to [I’m] seeing all the pieces for the way it is, and or no longer it is of course good.”


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