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Chinese Foreign Minister calls for ‘non-interference’

China- On Sunday, in a high-level press meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the U.S. must eradicate “unreasonable restrictions” between the two countries. He believes that this will help in moving forward under the U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration.  

Wang Yi remarked that under the former President Donald Trump, tensions intensified between the U.S. and China towards the end of January. U.S. administration under Joe Biden has sustained a strong place on China by calling the country positive “competitors”. However, this outstretched distress about Beijing’s stance around Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang.

Well, the central government of China considered those concerns as a part of its domestic matters.

Wang mentioned, “Speaking of China-U.S. relations, I believe first of all both sides need to abide by the principle of non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.”

As per the official English translation of the Mandarin language remarked at a press conference held along with the “Two Sessions.” Moreover, in Beijing, annual parliamentary meetings is referred as the biggest political event of the year.

Wang urged the U.S. to “remove all its unreasonable restrictions on bilateral cooperation as early as possible” and “not create new obstacles.”

Notably, he yet didn’t specify the kind of restriction. In the last month, in a speech, Wang had called out for a new U.S. administration for confiscating sanctions and tariffs mainly in China’s technology companies.

According to the national security concern, Trump has endorsed dozens of Chinese companies which is most prominently telecommunication giant like Huawei. Even this company has suffered because it was falling from the number one smartphone vendor globally to its sixth place in the last year.

However, Wang on Sunday rejected claim that Beijing was committed “genocide” in Xinjiang. He also mentioned that the capability to “thwart” which attempts to indorse Taiwan’s independence. Further, he spoke resolutely in support of Beijing’s decision for “improving” Hong Kong’s electoral system.

In the Two Sessions, delegates have considered a proposal for changing Hong Kong’s electoral system that will allow Beijing to reinforce its control over the semi-autonomous regions.

Xi and Biden’s telephonic conversation

Well, U.S. President Biden has raised up “fundamental concerns” regarding Beijing’s actions on issues like Hong Kong in a two-hour phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the month February which is ahead of the Lunar New Year Holiday, as per the White House. However, the two leaders have discussed ways to counter the coronavirus pandemic. They will be taking the initiative to work together on the climatic change and preventing weapon proliferation.

On Sunday, Wang mentioned that the two countries should cooperate on the economic recovery from the pandemic. Also, pointed that the calls as a positive basis for the reconstruction of the bilateral relationship.

He also said, “We’re ready to work with the United States to follow through on the outcome of this important phone call and set China-U.S. relations on a new path of healthy and steady growth.” 

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