Chinese Mobile Companies Not Showing Arunachal Pradesh In Weather App

Chinese smartphone group Xiaomi has come under fire for failing to produce its own weather app for India, including India’s most populous state of Arunachal Pradesh, in its latest version of its mobile app. Chinese smartphone companies such as Xiaomi have come under criticism for not being able to produce their own weather app that includes the most popular state of India in their mobile phones, according to the Indian Weather Bureau (IMD).

According to users, Xiaomi’s smartphone app MIUI does not show locations in Arunachal Pradesh, including the capital of Itanagar state. The results also don’t provide information on the number of days of the week or even the weather forecast for the entire state.

One, a well-known Chinese brand, also does not provide weather data for Arunachal Pradesh, which China considers controversial despite being an integral territory of India. This is a major concern, as China claims that Ar una South Tibetan is part of China, not India, and foolishly claims Ladakh, India, as its own territory. The Chinese Communist Party regime does not recognize it as Indian territory, and instead refers to it as the southern or eastern part of the state, or as South Tibetta. After Arunachal Pradesh was abandoned – and, more recently, abandoned – China even began to claim that they were an integral part of its own country and the entire state.

Arunachal Pradesh is open to the eye during the winter monsoon but also moves with wind, rain, heat, and snow. So why visit now if it’s perfect, why not in summer?

You can see the app developer Skymet Weather and find over 120 alternative apps for Android and iOS. Telugu This app is only available in the AppA Store for iPhone, but you can also try it on Google Play for Android, Apple App Store for iOS, and Amazon for Windows Phone.

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Interestingly, the default weather app on Xiaomi phones derives weather data from Accuweather. AccuWeather displays weather information for Arunachal on its app and website, but the company has blocked the location. It is not the first time weather data for places in Arunachal has been missing. You can access weather reports for Itanagar and Pasighat by downloading third-party weather apps from the Play Store.

Although Arunachal Pradesh is listed in the search results of the app, the country’s major cities, including the capital, are missing from the search lists. It has a population of about 2.5 million people and a total area of about 1.2 million hectares.

The weather in Arunachal Pradesh during the monsoon may be difficult for mortals to navigate, but if you continue to search the weather app for “Srinagar climate conditions,” you will see results for S Kashmir, Bihar, and Uttarakhand. If you are looking for other cities in the north and east that are emerging, why visit them now? Why is there no Leh Town, a city in Arunachal Pradesh that has been added to the weather app on Xiaomi phones?

When you navigate from Demchok to Leh in Ngari Prefecture, India, there is no one to inform the user that they may be entering a different time zone.

Twitter user Srimant Mishra stressed that instead of displaying the results for Itanagar, the weather results for Leh, Kargil and Ladakh will be thrown out. Gaurav Chaudhary also shared a screenshot of the result being thrown out for Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Assam, Manipur, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, West Bengal and Bihar.

When OpIndia tried to make a similar search, we found that the default weather app on Xiaomi phones did not deliver results for Itanagar. On Twitter, people asked why the weather conditions for Leh and Ladakh are not shown on Xiaomi smartphones. Some users even claimed Xiaomi’s weather apps would not selectively display the results of these locations. After many netizens complained, Xiaomi India clarified that “weather apps cannot understand the data of many locations, even when used in conjunction with other apps such as Google Maps, Google Earth, etc.”

After Gökhale’s tweet, other users also tried to go beyond the microblogging platform by tagging their location as Leh. While Xiaomi faces trial for breach of trust by Indians and possibly at the behest of the CCP, microblogs on the app and on Twitter also surfaced when one user listed aLeha as his location. Twitter revealed that Leh is part of China’s territory, but not in the default weather app on Xiaomi smartphones.

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