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Chinese retribution on the US over Uighur rights

Turbulence between China and US over Uighur Muslims

The ill-treatment of minority Uighur Muslims by Chinese officials in western Xinjiang, brought up the stir as the United States penalized the officials.

The retribution from the side of China targeted Senators Ted Cruz and Marc Rubio and a US representative Chris Smith who has criticized China on various other matters such as the Coronavirus. All of them are members of Trump’s Republican party. They have legislated China’s action in Xinjiang.

Replying to the issue, Hua Chunying, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told the reporters that the US is interfering in China’s internal affairs and is violating the norms of international relations. China may further respond to this issue if the situation worsens.

On the other hand, the United Nations(UN) experts have told that in Xinjiang, Uighur Muslims have been kept in detention centers that violate their basic human rights. Contrary to this belief, Chinese officials have stated the detention centers as training centers that are being utilized for skill development and working for the scrapping of extremism and terrorism.

Further, the US has pushed United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson to expel Chinese technological giant, Huawei, from Britain’s 5G network. So, the UK is ready to ban the company and also UK stood firm against China for hiding the complete truth of the Corona virus. It seems the US stands as a hurdle in China’s rising economy and technology.

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