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Cisco pledges $100 million to combat climate change

We all know how drastically the atmosphere is changing and influencing the climate, raising heatwaves across the globe, and becoming one of the areas of concern. 

And recently, Cisco Foundation has decided to pledge $100 million over ten years to combat climate change. The firm started in its blog post that it aims to make real impact funding and promote climate change and its solutions by funding non-profit ventures out grants and impact great investing. 

Moreover, the company wants to motivate startups and foundations working towards spreading awareness and helping in saving the environment, and dealing with climate changes. 

Also, the Cisco Foundation will prioritize community education to support and empower people all over the globe, and step forward for the right cause. 

The company also stated in the blog post, which is written by Francine Katsoudas, Executive Vice President and Chief People, Policy and Purpose Officer at Cisco- “We will also prioritize programs that create measurable impact by reducing and capturing carbon, increasing energy efficiency, creating and increasing access to green jobs, and helping change community behavior so that vulnerable communities can become more resilient and reduce their carbon footprints,” 

The release of $100 million funds will support budding startups, technology-based solutions, which have the potential to scale and operate sustainably. It has already achieved 100 percent of renewable energy in the areas or nations namely the US, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK.

Now for plans, the company is thinking to track and move further to generate electricity from renewable sources for at least 85 percent of global electricity most probably by 2022. 

Not only this, but the company also works with suppliers to reduce emissions and waste gases or any harmful substances to the atmosphere. 

Lastly, the post read- “Our commitment is real – from the funding announced today, to the work with our partners in nonprofits and governments, to the products we innovate and the processes we improve. We must work together to power a future that is as sustainable as it is inclusive”. 

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