Clubhouse Android app launching in India and other countries this week

On 9th May, after the launch of the beta Android app in the US, it is the voice-based social media platform Clubhouse which is now all set to launch the app to Android users globally.  Currently, it is facing a dip in the total number of downloads on iOS. However, the company in its town hall on Sunday mentioned that the Clubhouse will be hitting most of its Android devices by 21st May.

In the Twitter post, Clubhouse mentioned that the expansion will soon start with Brazil, Japan, and Russia on Tuesday and with more countries throughout the week. Well, the company also confirmed that on Friday morning Nigeria and India will be getting the Android app.

Since March 2020, the iOS version of the app has been available. Within the first year, it started growing to around 10 million users in spite of being available on invite-only access. Recently, the firm was valued at $4 billion after the current funding. On the other hand, its momentum even took the hit lately. As per the report, in the month of January, Clubhouse has almost 2 million downloads and this jumped to more than 9.5 million in the month of February. But in the month of March, it dipped to 2.7 million and again in April which dropped below million. However, their roller coaster growth took because of several factors but on the other hand it roll-out which may help in giving it a push for now.

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