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Contemporary Delhi raises ‘alarming’ divulge of six Indian prisoners’ death in Pakistan inside nine months

Indian ministry of external affairs (MEA) raised an “alarming” divulge with Islamabad on Friday (October 7) declaring that six Indian prisoners, who carried out their detention heart phrases, died in Pakistan within the last nine months. 

The ministry’s spokesperson Arindam Bagchi mentioned that 5 of the six Indians had been fishermen. Annoying solutions, he mentioned that Pakistan is “accountability-go” to win sure the protection and safety of all Indian prisoners. 

At a media briefing, Bagchi mentioned: “Six Indians, 5 of them fishermen, died in Pakistani custody within the last nine months or so. The entire six, apparently, had carried out their sentences, however what we would boom, had been illegally detained by Pakistan despite completing their sentences and despite a lot of demands by the Indian aspect for their free up and repatriation.” 

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In step with the spokesperson, there was an enlarge within the assortment of deaths of Indian fishermen in Pakistan. 

He extra mentioned: “The increasing incidents of deaths of Indian fishermen is alarming and raises the put a matter to of their safety and safety in Pakistani jails. The topic has been raised by our excessive fee in Islamabad as successfully as with the Pakistani excessive fee right here. We quiz the Pakistan authorities all over over again to free up and repatriate all Indian prisoners straight away.” 


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