Covid Vaccination- Swollen Lymph Nodes can lead to False Breast Cancer Diagnosis

San Francisco- Covid-19 vaccine is causing some to think they may have breast cancer, due to the growth of swollen lymph nodes in growing numbers of women. This has been said by the UCSF doctors. Whereas, some of the highly qualified top doctors in the bay area stated it may actually be a side effect of the vaccine shot. 

Moreover, Bay Area Veterinarian Dr. Emilie Ravn recounted – “I could see a bump, a swelling”. She said after she got her first shot of the vaccine she noticed a small lump growing in her armpit. And later on- “she even thought to consult a doctor”. 

A mammogram of breast showing swollen lymph nodes. Sources: Internet

While presenting more light to the whole scenario Dr. Bonnie Joe chief of breast imaging at the medical center commented- “We have definitely seen this at UCSF”. 

In addition, Joe and her team are looking into the mammograms that have enlarged lymph nodes, especially in some recent COVID-19 vaccinated women. 

They added, we are now starting to observe patients who are coming for their mammogram screening, and then incidentally they also have swollen lymph nodes and they were noticed on the same side where they got vaccinated, explained by Dr. Joe. 

But, with the rise of covid-19 vaccination in the Bay Area, doctors are seeing growing cases of lumps under the armpits or near the collar bones. 

It has already known that in the absence of covid vaccination, these swollen Lymph nodes are a sign of more aggressive and severe disease- said by Dr. Laura Esserman, director of the Carol Frank Buck Breast Care Centre at UCSF and breast cancer surgeon. 

Later on, doctors suggested that it’s not at all breast cancer and just a simple side effect of the covid-19 vaccine. But surely, it could give rise to the anxiety in women for having false breast cancer diagnoses. Also, it’s been advised that women can get their mammogram screening before getting vaccinated to know everything beforehand to treat everything well. 

Due to this, many patients are being called back for the needed biopsies, but the cost can’t be a bit daunting, as some of the tests are a bit expensive. 

Hence, if you need it, you should get it done. But in case you don’t need it, the co-payment varies between $1000 or over. And you should tell people that it can happen, clearly stated by Esserman. 

If you are still wondering why swollen lumps are growing, then experts said that it is a good sign that the vaccine is working and your immune system is functioning properly. The doctor said- Lymph nodes are the factories that make these antibodies, so need not worry! 

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