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Criticism Suppresses Creativity

The problem with the critical people and/or criticism is that it is detrimental to the CREATIVITY for The PLANET.

Criticism does not register if you are not exposed to it for long periods of time. Just like any abuse, it takes extended periods to register in your mind. If you are new to it, you might even have a laugh at it. Just like any abuse, it comes as hot and cold. Criticism, for one thing, one time and no critical comment another time for the same thing. You will never get accustomed to it. So regardless of how many times you have attracted it in your life, you are never too prepared. It gradually starts becoming a part of what is ‘familiar’ in your sub-conscious. This triggers you to get hypersensitive towards the slightest hint of the resemblance of ‘criticism.’ It could just have been feedback, take it, or leave it. But your mind would have already made up its mind.

What happened during this ‘initial subtle’ to ‘now explosive’, criticism? How did it reach this level?
Criticism is limiting. Initially and for many important times you must have powered through but the persistent and unexpected appearance of the criticism from an indispensable person/people, relationship, or on an indispensable opportunity, starts to take its toll.

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The reason why, for you it gets so difficult to dismiss or overrule this criticism is that your life reactions, focus and therefore more of such experiences are now being suggested by the ‘familiar’ in your sub-conscious.

The reason you keep bringing it back (unknowingly many times) in your experiences is because by nature you have been programmed to be a warrior. Solve your situations. Handle your business.
When you don’t get what exactly you did wrong. You inadvertently invite it. To examine it. to re-access it. To do a better job solving it. Thus it starts to overpower. By behaviors you are getting cautious, you play small, you receive less, you stay inconspicuous. All this is altogether less fun.

Creativity is the opposite of this. For creativity you need to have an open, receiving, exploring mind. Your contributions are very prime for the PLANET you are on. Your creative ideas are galore and useful.
Some could like them, some not so much, some might need convincing. Some will have opinions on that while others will ignore it. Words, emojis, or body language this is just an opinion is only on this that you share. Remember to keep an eye on your self-internal-criticism.    
Even if the criticism was a part of your past or if it is happening in the present. For every criticism (as per you of course), you have a self–conversation.

  • (a) This is an opinion.
  • (b) I take what I want.
  • (c) I give myself permission to let go of what I do not want.
  • (d) I will watch my feelings.
  • (e) This is good work. I am good enough. I am what I am.
  • (f) I am worthy of praise.
  • (g) I allow myself to receive good things.
  • (h) I change when I decide to. I change for my good.

You can continue with kind communication until you feel better. Say it quietly or out loud, whatever suits you. It has to be effective. This method starts the re-programing and creates a new ‘familiar’ in your subconscious mind. Gradually you are able to see important points in the feedback, comments, and opinion. But you don’t allow your creativity to get suppressed.

Author and Contributor: Reena Yadav. IADLife

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