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Cuomo tells Republicans to ‘stop abusing’ states like New York and New Jersey hit hardest by the COVID-19

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed to Republican officials on Wednesday to “quit mishandling” states that have brought into the world the brunt of the coronavirus episode and are needing government help.

New York is confronting a $13.3 billion income setback from the state’s reaction to the Covid-19 flare-up that has left a record number of individuals jobless and organizations covered for very nearly two months. Cuomo has scrutinized Republican administrators, for example, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who have upheld letting states default on some loans.

“My point to our companions in the Congress: quit mishandling New York. Quit manhandling Massachusetts and Illinois and Michigan and Pennsylvania. Quit mishandling the states that drag the brunt of the Covid infection through no deficiency of their own,” Cuomo said during his day by day press preparation in Washington D.C.

He said New York, which has over and again called for more prominent government help, has placed more cash into the “administrative pot” for quite a long time while numerous Republican-drove states, for example, Kentucky and Florida, have taken more in bureaucratic dollars than they’ve added to the U.S. Treasury. He recorded states like New York and New Jersey as being among the top contributor states to the national government.

“This hyper-fanatic Washington condition is poisonous for this nation,” he said.

Cuomo met with President Donald Trump prior on Wednesday to examine the state’s reaction to the Covid-19 flare-up.

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