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CureAssist aims to democratize healthcare and assure higher quality care

Bangalore- Saurabh Satija is a 2x health tech founder with over 13 years of experience in digital transformation, marketing communication & Innovation. He has held management positions in different industries from Healthcare to E-Commerce and FMCG. He is the founder and CEO of CureAssist. Dr. Ambanna Gowda is the Co-Founder & CMO who graduated as an MBBS, MD, and completed his PGDip in Diabetes from the UK. He is a senior practicing Consultant physician & Endocrinologist & also a healthcare entrepreneur.

At CureAssist, our mission is to democratize healthcare and provide affordable healthcare to everyone regardless of their geographical location. Through their platform, they have created a personalized, fully integrated digital hospital that allows users to connect in real-time with doctors from the comfort of their home and have a secure place to store their and their family’s medical information. 

The platform also integrates a disease management module specifically focused on managing Diabetes. The module consists of the following functionalities:

• An integrated approach to care/coordination of care among providers, including physicians, hospitals & laboratories 

• Patient education; and

• Monitoring/collecting patient outcomes data for the early detection of potential complications.

Saurabh Satija and his team have curated top specialist doctors across 19 specialties, including Endocrinology, Oncology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Dermatology, and more. The doctors at CureAssist have an average of 10 years of hands-on experience and are carefully handpicked through an in-depth diligence process, to ensure the highest quality care. They are available to offer expert medical advice, answer questions, and issue electronic prescriptions. 

To get a video, audio, or chat consultation, the user can, either book an instant consultation with doctors available or, simply pick a date and time and book an online appointment with the chosen doctor through the app. Even you can upload medical documents and photos beforehand to make your consultation smooth and easy. After meeting your doctor, you can pick up medication from your nearest pharmacy using the e-prescription. Here, they also offer a free follow-up for 5 days post consultation. 

All the medical records, prescriptions, and conversations are stored securely in a password-protected digital health locker, for you to access at your convenience. Also, one can set up a family account, to keep all the health information saved in one place. Team CureAssist ensures complete privacy and confidentiality of your data and international standards of encryption.

For users who are suffering from Diabetes, CureAssist has created a simple, yet highly intuitive disease management module. The module allows users to sync their Glucometers, BP monitors and record and monitor their vitals over an extended period. The users can share this information with the doctors, who then curate personalized Goal-based care plans with their team of diet & physical activity experts. The app continually reminds the users in a non-intrusive manner to follow the plans provided by the doctors. 

Finally, you can manage your daily wellbeing with CureAssist by syncing health data from your phone, tracking emotions, and getting reminders to help you stay on track of your health goals. CureAssist is your all-in-one health app – a habit tracker, healthcare provider, and information database, in one place and tailored just for you.

They have an experienced team of doctors and health tech entrepreneurs with a cumulative experience of 45 years with a vision to promote health span!

If you want to know more about CureAssist then get in touch with Saurabh Satija at [email protected]

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