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Dan Bongino: Democrats the utilization of a 24-hour pains agenda to guard themselves in 2022

Dan Bongino slammed Democrats for their “24-hour pains agenda,” Saturday on “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino,” asserting it was a arrangement to guard them within the 2022 election.  

DAN BONGINO: We had Joe Biden correct succor in May presumably per chance furthermore explain us “we take into accout we have purchased this below administration, it’s seemingly you’ll per chance per chance opt masks off and scurry succor to living your life.” Something we had been doing anyway down right here within the free convey of Florida. However you wonder why they flipped the light switch and went succor to a 24-hour pains agenda. I can boom you what my sources are telling me. They’re telling me the Democrats take into accout they are going to obtain routed within the 2022 election. 

This serves a pair of capabilities for them. Gets them to throw a monkey wrench into voter reforms and furthermore they are able to blame inflation and all the pieces else on the pandemic. … The terror porn is succor. Be conscious of any Democrat accessible. However in account for to retain the terror porn going, they desire to govern you and retain your mouth shut and they’ve extinct the identical tools to make it for decades. First they lie about you and tar you with a attach and then they berate you, name you names and boom you to shut up.


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