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With over 2.5 Lakh Data Science openings by 2020, predicted by NASSCOM in India, Data Science has become one of the highest in-demand courses. It is estimated that the US will witness 3 Lakh Data Scientist followed by India, UK, China and Brazil. Understanding the current demand of Data Science professionals in the market, InventaTeq aims to not only provide quality training but also enable them with on job training so that they are well versed to take up the jobs in the first place. As per the recent study, it is found that the current stage, the institutes in India can train only 90,000 professionals in a year. With the gap of 1.6 lakh Data Scientists, the Indian market is looking for institutes that can train students on the modules and produce the professionals that the market requires. The job will not be easy as it will require a team of professsionals to create such professionals.

InventaTeq, a growing training research institute in Bangalore is one such team that is currently exploring its options to provide a structured solution to the model. Having served its bases in Bangalore over a decade now, Inventateq is all set to explore the demands and needs of the Hyderabad market. Soon to launch its Learning and Development Research Team in Hyderabad, Safura Begum, CEO says  “We are not behind the market. InventaTeq is looking ahead for its dedicated Data Science training centre in Hyderabad by the end of this month. The structure is almost ready and we are all set to experiment with the DS model in Hyderabad.”

With its new centre coming in Hyderabad, Inventateq is simultaneously looking to explore the existing job market in the city.” With the expansion of the city and Market Giants like Amazon setting their offices in Hyderabad, we want to understand the job openings f the city and the existing talent available in niche domains”, says Safura Begum. They aim to provide an all end solution to job seekers in all levels of experience to know the current job demand and that has to lead them in the initial stages of development of an app that aims to bridge the gap between a job seeker and a job. Talking to TOI, Safura Begum says “We will not be the first to explore this app, but we aim to understand the ratio of the demand to availability. We don’t want this app to be a job portal reference, we want this app to be used as a platform to know what skills you need to upgrade yourself with to fit the everyday changing industry demands. Our aim here is to be that name in the market that tells you what skill next you need to learn”.

Data Science has shown tremendous growth in the last decade. The new trend has become the need of the hour. Today, digital data is very precious. There is a need to harness the information out of these data. Data Science has not only made this possible but it also makes the future predictions in advance so that the new trends are read by the companies and adjust their business model in accordance. The risk factor when you move with the information backed by data has dropped drastically. The data collected is used in a large scale to develop AI which supports various industries including IT, Production, Healthcare, Retail etc.

Let us understand what is data science and how it makes a difference in the market.

Safura Begum stated on this, “Data Science is the study of these small or large chunks of Data with additional factors from the environments, and derive at a state where to make a statement or a decision which is backed by data and showcase the future prediction. This prediction helps in decision-making or influence the decision-making of a person, group, company, government etc. Daily, we collect information about different products, brands, etc before making a purchase. It is a small example of how data and information influence our decisions. Starting from our morning toothpaste to the mattress where we sleep at night everything has gone through this phase of data collection and finalization with choices before making the last call.”

But the biggest drawback in the field is the lack of professionals. She mentioned that in India, most of the students who are taking up the course from different institutes are using traditional methods of education. In these traditional methods, there are lectures and sample data used where the students and trainees are not ready to directly start a job on day 1. He also mentioned it is very much required to switch this education or lecture mode to a new and innovative way of practical and applied studies. She states, “Today, the students are interested to learn a subject only when it is appealing, either with the Salary, method of learning, application of the same. But if we educators cannot make the course look exactly the way it needs for them, then the number of students churned for demo lectures and the students completing the lecture will have a huge difference. This is the main reason which has resulted in the gap in the job industry for advanced courses like Data Science.”

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