Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation: The Science Explained!

Oh GOD! How difficult it is to draw a crystal-clear line between BB creams and foundations. There are some people who are loyal customers to foundations while others swear an oath by BB creams. And then comes the category of people who get an insight into the pros, cons, and reviews of the products before getting to a concrete ground of decision.

The decision taking becomes ever more daunting when it comes to makeup. If you are surrounded by the confusion clouds whether to pick BB cream or foundation, here is all you need to know to choose a perfect item!

Difference Between BB Cream and Foundation

What is BB Cream?

BB cream that stands for beauty balm or blemish balm is introduced into the beauty market as an alternative for foundation. It is a 3-purpose formula jampacked in 1 product. It acts as a multifaceted cream for your skin. It has an ability to fix up the skin tone evenly and cover blemishes. 

It consists of skin beneficial ingredients like SPF that provides a layer of protection to your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays. BB cream comes in a lighter coverage as compared to the typical foundations yet it serves to be thicker than a tinted moisturizer. It works best if you want to have a light evened skin tone without any traces of heaviness. 

There is a considerable range of tones available in BB creams. It becomes easy for you to find the one best suited for your skin type. Having an oily, dry or combination skin never causes hurdle in your hunting for a good BB cream. You can find the appropriate one well suited for your dry, oily or combination skin type.

BB creams also prove to be good option for helping acne-prone skin. The ones containing salicylic acid go a long way against your acne-prone skin. BB cream is a perfect amalgamation of a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen.

While having a look at the BB cream, you should also dive into the Korean BB cream-an extension of the beneficial features of the traditional BB cream.

What is Korean BB Cream?

Korean BB creams are considered to be one of the most favorite skin products among the customers globally.  Korean BB creams are perfect blend of nourishing ingredients, containing elements of both skin care and makeup. It provides hydration, protection against UV rays and last but not the least- ample coverage to your skin. Huge variety of Korean BB creams are available in the world markets. 

What is Skin Foundation

Foundation serves to be a good base for your entire makeup look. It provides a smooth coverage to your skin, giving it an exquisite and flawless touch. After leaving a fine base on your skin, it enables you to demonstrate your perfect skills of makeup artistry on your face. 

Although, some foundations come with a one-to-one role of flawless coverage to the skin, yet some of them have an additional quality of SPF and moisturizers. It gives you a long-lasting all day makeup look. If we talk about the buildable coverage options, we would know that the it comes in a medium to high coverage capacity. 

Most of the foundations in the stores are specifically designed to meet the regular skincare regimes and products, placing much emphasis on the skin type. Some of the foundations contain emollients and humectants which instill their hydration quality to the skin. 

Foundation also offers some anti-aging benefits to your skin. It’s up to you whether you prefer to apply it daily or want to give an optional role to it. 

Differences between BB Cream and Foundation

While BB creams and foundation perform the unified role of giving a flawless look to your skin, yet they differ in their properties of achieving this task. Some of the major differences between BB cream and foundation are as follows:

Quality of Coverage:

BB creams are generally lightweight. They are good enough to conceal blemishes on the skin but they fail up to hide the prominent scars because of the lightweight formula. 

Unlike BB creams, foundations come in a much thicker consistency formula which provides a long-lasting makeup look to your skin. They have a very buildable range in coverage.

Range of Shades:

BB creams usually don’t come in a diversified scale of shades. They generally have a three shades range, mostly light, weight and dark tone. Finding the one suited to your skin type might be a daunting task in a range of BB creams.

Foundations come in a wide range of shades. Multitude of shades, catering to your different skin tones is the bonus point of foundations. This might be one of the major reasons why foundation is held in high spirits by some people. 


Looking for a natural, zero makeup look, then BB cream is indeed one of the best options for you. Consisting of a lightweight formula, BB cream leaves a natural, subtle glow on your skin without making your skin look cakey. Hands down as BB cream is a great option for natural everyday go-to makeup. 

Foundation is a little bit advanced in its effect as it gives a flawless coverage, thus helping your makeup to go a long way. Light-to-medium skin coverage helps your makeup look brighter without any traces of heavy look. 


After reading a comparative article of BB cream and Foundation, one comes to a conclusion that a good foundation beats BB cream in certain domains, but nothing can give as natural a look as a BB cream. So, it all depends on you what you want to get whether a natural, every day, low makeup look or a flawless coverage look! 



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